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I have removed the dust shield from many vehicles for different reasons and have never experienced any down side. On some old trucks, they were rotting away. On off-road trucks, they catch stones, etc.
Blew another boost coupler off, I think the hose clamp broke?? They are usually on the coupler, this one was MIA.

Stole a couple house clamps off the water tank to make one big one. Ghetto, but it worked! (note: zip ties will not hold boost :D )

Rain, and Dutch Oven pizzas, we peaced out and headed north to get away from the rain....

Quite little CG off Highway 20.

Beautiful area!

Now.... Rear tires are chunking, thoughts? Sharp rocks or bad pressure? Only the outside edge on the rears. I was thinking maybe it was wheel spin on sharp stuff?

Another lovely weekend in the desert! It was HOT though, 95. and sunny....

A view from the top. Damn cool rocks.

And I think I need some new blocks.... These dont like heavy trucks and soft surfaces....

Also, Sika 252 DOES NOT bond to ABS well at all. I thought it was going to be ok for my panel, but it let go on two feet, and was loosing grip on the others also. Sadly screws were added to my roof, as I saw this from my second story window about 5 minutes before I was supposed to be driving away. I did use the primer and adhesion promoter they wanted, but was warned by the tech guy it didn't bond that well to ABS. The aluminum mounts I used in the middle are rock solid still. I squirted some 5200 in there and added screws before we left. If that fails I will try 3m panel bond...... But sadly there are 12 screw holes in my roof now.....
Threw my back out so even little mundane jobs SUCK. But I got all the screws I added to the roof sealed since its supposed to rain.

And my Maxxfan over the bed quit going both directions, a quick email to their service department said it was most likely the board from my descriptions. Since I am a pack rat.... I still have the old Maxxfan I pulled out in the attic. Swapped guts around and its back to normal! No obvious component failures.
One more little project done. Light switch for the bathroom light. We never use it.... But its just been hanging wires for a couple years. At least I can turn it on and off if I want to now.

Start with a block, set up to route out the back for a wire pocket.

Remove unneeded material.

Screw to ceiling. It also get screwed to the wall panel to support that. Its been needed for a long time....

And its volcano season! Skis going back in
Quiet CG, big mountains, nice weekend.

Poured rain Friday which kept the people at bay. Rolled in late and still found a NICE spot. New awning is so much better. The additional 2' of stick out is AMAZING.

Rain meant snow up high!

Snowing when we left in the morning but cleared right up. It was HOT. Skinned up 3k feet.

Nice little trip back down

Been wanting to do this for awhile now, so I kicked myself in the butt to get it put together before the NW Overland Rally.

The Ultimate ARB Fridge Mod. Kegerator.

Kegs are awesome, you can get beer that is not bottled or canned, good for large groups etc. But a big trash can, lots of ice etc to cool it is a pain in the butt. So I got to thinking.

Not wanting to drill holes in my fridge (and have a completely reversible mod) lead me to this. Space the lid up. Some maple 1x3 was used.

Trying to figure out the hing brought me to a "oh duh" moment. Make it a wedge! We only need a spot for the faucet and a beer line in. Two minutes with the table saw and boom.

This is going to work great.

Next up is the latch.
Aluminum plate was cut to the size of the cutout for the latch. Bent and screwed in place. No additional holes in the fridge. A little sloppy, I have been doing this 10 minutes at a time as I can sneak it in....

Take it all back apart, make a ghetto rig and grab the router!

Slot cut top and bottom.

And a neoprene seal is added to the groove.

And the magic that makes it work! A giant block of aluminum. This is a two pass cooler, but I have the beer run through both, as I expect the keg to be pretty warm (70+ most likely). You can see the jumper tube between 1 out and 2 in.

Decent forward seal faucet in place, these are so much better than the "standard" faucet. Much less funk growth.

All plumbed.

Garage is a disaster, but its all set up, I left about 12' of beer line thinking I can stash the keg under the truck out of the sun.

Need to play with pressures a little, but 15PSI seems about right with that much line and it being 3/16" ID.

But great success!!!
Another fun weekend in the woods!

Electric chainsaw is pretty slick so far. Quiet and no stink.

Went and climbed some rocks. There is a little child in the pic :D

It will fit.....

Cameras sure flatten everything out....

Made it :D

Not sure that's going to wash off...... Lots of branches....
More little project trying to get wrapped up before the NWOR.

Old water pump, LOUD, from a 20 year old RV, free from my garage during the initial build.

New water pump, sold as "quiet" still a diaphragm pump, I was worried it would be similar loud. It was not free, it IS QUIET! But the water pulses a bit, may look into an accumulator tank eventually, but my god its so much QUIETER! (yes its crooked, no I dont care right now.... I was not making new flex lines.)

Tidied up the wiring that has been flopping since forever?

Two things crossed off the list. More tonight hopefully, rain permitting.....
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