Java's F450 'Rough Road' RV

I did get a little project that I have put off forever done. As with anything deadlines seem to get things done. Picking up the new bumper this weekend and need something to strap it on to. So the second tow point is on the list.

Exact repeat of the pass side. Take everything apart.

Hold it in place with two of the bolt bolts. This just lines everything up. I then reamed the holes an 1/8" larger. I wanted to do it in place so there was minimum slop in the bores.

Fun spot to drill through 1 1/2" of steel.... Add proper grade 8's and torque. I am debating adding another bolt..... The shear on those is about 14k each. With puts me right about 4x GVW. I think I want a little more. One 3/4" down the center might happen....

While I was there, I used one of the many Helwig coozies from the NWOR to wrap the heater fuel pump in. I dont know that it will do much, but I have wanted to try.

Buttoned back up. Should make strapping a front bumper to the back bumper much easier :D
Its not ghetto if it works?

Powdercoat is gone, and it took a good whack at some point, buts its still pretty straight and the price was right. 9 hours of driving later (4.5 with the bumper) and it didn't fall off :D

Now do I drop it off and have it blasted or do it myself with a grinder?
Well another great PNW weekend done. Drove a few different road Friday night, and settle in here so we had enough phne service to stream the football game. Sometimes its nice :D No other people, no cars, will put it on the quick stop with service camp list.

Did a pretty good hike, almost 10 miles. Dodging some rain, but the weather held out pretty well. Snow wall behind the ladies..... Need to climb it next summer.

Back to out normal spot for this area for Saturday evening. Why people have to move fire pits I don't know.... But it got moved. Been coming here for 16 years now! Just a great night in the woods.

Bumper is at the powder coaters. Trying to find a winch to throw in it before it goes on..... May just do it later, but I hate to have to take it back off to get one in.
New light arrived. I knew it was going to be close, 30" bar, but I couldn't find and good specs on the bar with brackets. Buuuut its REALLY tight. Like I cant bolt the brackets on tight. I may be able to mount it behind the uprights, but I need to get the bumper on and check grill clearance. And that would make shadows....

I have a set of clamps for the crossbar on the way, may be able to flip the brackets upside down and backwards and hang it from the crossbar.

If anyone has any good ideas LMK.

That is with it tight to the other side.

End of summer mode. Clean everything out of the back.

Holds lots of goodies. 7 pairs of skis, a full size shovel, all the dump equipment, axe, chairs and carpet.

Engage mobile ski cabin.

Not much snow, but the weather was good.

Really need to find water leak. Speakers making noise all night SUCKS. Not to mention it scares the 100lb German Shepard who then feels the need to jump in my bed...
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Finally a day without meetings. Bumper time. Took the truck to work this morning and nosed into the shop. Unfortunately the door isn't big enough and neither is the shop....

Installation is the reverse of removal?

Brackets where close.... Reamed the holes to fit. Also the back one was single sided, they used a carriage bolt there. I drilled through the other frame rail to through bolt it.

Also had to cut the bolts down as they hit the intercooler.....

Swapped the Rigid fogs over to the outer holes.

Bumper mounted up!

Now onto the BD light bar. No way it fit period. I tired and tried no dice.

So A little CAD later, and I made new mounts that used the body holes. Adjustment will come from the clamps that hold it to the bar.

And on the KC tube clamps, only thing I could find that fit 2 3/8" tube nicely.

Couldn't get much tighter!

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