American Adventurist is a North America focused adventure travel enthusiast community; a community dedicated to exploration, self-sufficiency, and preserving our traditional American values, culture, and heritage. We’re committed to Tread Lightly principles, and environmentally responsible outdoor recreation.


We are obsessed with travel. Every trip changes us. Big or small, you never come back from a trip quite the same as you were before you left. Be it a weekend forest excursion or month long desert trek, opening your mind to new adventures is an investment that will change you and your family forever. Join us as we share our travel experiences and connect the dots across North America.


We are explorers by nature. An old dirt road or a river triggers the same response in all of us—where does it go? Exploration leads to the intangible benefits of personal discovery and growth that can only be realized outdoors. Are you driven by wanderlust to explore North America and all of its rugged landscapes? Join us as we fully explore all that this great continent has to offer.


We want to live life to the fullest. To travel and explore and experience all that surrounds us. We want to pass on our zest for life to our children and those around us. Do you want to go on more adventures? Do you want to meet new people, be around good energy, learn new things and grow? Join us as we build a community of like-minded adventurists—Travel! Explore! Live!

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American Adventures: The Independent Adventure Magazine

American Adventurist publishes a digital adventure magazine titled American Adventures. Our content is dedicated to freedom in all it’s gloriously simple flavors: truck, car, or motorcycle…pedal, paddle, or just a pair of boots. More important than how we get there is why we go.

Thoreau put it best: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you have imagined.


Freedom from the influence of advertiser and sponsor purse strings is of the utmost importance to us, so we’ve placed a super-low cap on advertising: a maximum of three ads on any one page. This provides just enough revenue to cover our costs. Since we are the independent adventure magazine, we also get to be picky with the ads we do run. All of our advertisers are organizations we’ve chosen to work with: folks we believe in, who share common goals for the good of the adventurist community, and who are adventurists themselves.

These are your American Adventures. Travel. Explore. Live!

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