Java's F450 'Rough Road' RV

Time for the new awning, this one is a Thule, found on my favorite buying place, CL. Its 1.5' longer, and extends out 2' more than the old one. Makes a huge difference!

Old one off. Its light without all the guts in it....

Of course the mounts are in different locations..... So patch up the old holes with some stainless hardware and some sealant. Don't mind the scratches.... Was not real careful when cutting the vinyl off.

New one on. Its maximizing the space, hangs over the window frame in the front and its just inside the rear wall.

Lots more shade!

Next up, rock lights, parking in the dark in rocky camp spots is interesting.... I have bottomed out and scraped the fuel tank a couple times, lights should be handy as its starting to be roll into unknown camps late at night season!
One more weekend down. Weather was gorgeous, feels like spring!

Skied all night again.

And realistically probably our last real ski day for this year. Its been a good one! I forgot the tracker for two days and I think one skin also, so we hit 30 days this year and almost 400k vertical.

And what happens when you get a new vinyl cutter and are bored and want to try something big? :)

Bring on Spring!
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