2018 Mountain Rendezvous: Official Thread

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There are flushing toilets there, sort of. They are sort of an RV style toilet, they don't hold water in the bowl as I recall, but they have a water flush system on them when you are done with your business. Running water in the sinks, and there are a few showers. I have no idea if the showers have hot water or not.


Paid! Transaction 8161-1958-2710-333. Can't wait to see you all there! We're leaving after work tomorrow and will get there late tomorrow night. Is that going to be an issue?
No problem! Just find a spot, get settled in and be sure to check-in at the staff area the following morning.
Fires were allowed in established Forrest service campgrounds, I stopped to verify the last day there. No fires in undeveloped areas though.

Current areas where fires are allowed are HERE

Jenks lake picnic area and Barton flats campground are on the authorized list. Best bet is to be prepared for no fires or charcoal as usual and hope for the best. We will update as we get close!

Hi all - any updates on the fire regs?
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