2018 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

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I'll auction my spot off to the highest bidder!:cool: The "reserve" on the bid will make you REALLY want the spot. Proceeds will go to my favorite charity...me.:cool:

OK, I'm just kidding, missed my first DRV/MRV Rendezvous ever for last years DRV due to a scheduling conflict, no intentions of missing this one. I know that it was hard for some folks to figure out their logistics ahead of time, but I sure miss the original premise for this event when the coordinates weren't disclosed until a few days before the event. The staff did post a pic of the event location one year ahead of time, I clicked on the pic "properties" and the pic had an "Anza Borrego" title, narrowing down the location for me. I suppose not knowing exactly how many miles to go down a graded dirt road to get there these days adds the tiniest element of surprise.:eek:
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Here it is, the long-awaited Desert Rendezvous 2018 Schedule. There are some big changes this year. I am sure most of you have noticed but we added a day and will now be opening at Noon on Thursday. I know this is open desert, but please be patient and don't arrive before noon.

There are also big changes for Saturday and Sunday. Both the Desert Cleanup and the Raffle have been moved to Sunday. The Potluck and Dutch oven competition will remain on Saturday.

Please look at the following schedule closely.
DRV 2018 Schedule.jpg

Details on the individual Classes and Trail Runs will be posted shortly

LOCATION: Vicinity of Anza Borrego 33.037345, -116.096264 Follow the railroad tracks east

General Event Reminders:

Please read the first post, even if you have already read it or been to every Rendezvous, give it a read.

Please bring exact change

Bring your Hold Harmless Agreement

If you are interested in being a part of Adopt-A-Trail this year please ask for a separate hold harmless

Discussion and Details pertaining to the Cleanup

Discussion and Details pertaining to the Potluck and Dutch Oven Competition

Whether you are participating in the potluck or the DOC, part of the community fun is sharing your favorite camp food.

And don't forget about the Swap Meet
Exciting stuff!! Thanks for getting this up and shared with us all, just confirmed my days off work and can't wait to come join in for my first DRV. Nice to see the kids stuff on there too as I will be bringing my 6 year old...looking forward to it!
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