2018 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

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Please put me on the waitlist! thanks!
You are on the list at spot 84, please see the RSVP directions in the first post to make the donation

I have to back out too. To many things, not enough time. Spot 90
Sorry you wont make it, hope to see you at MRV

Hey we would like to squeeze in one more vehicle to space #84 since we see a slot has opened. Paid under rhoadesb@hotmail.com
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You are in at spot #90


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Life is getting in the way and I think it best to back out of the 2018 DR. Please sign the next person up in my place.


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You asked, we listened!

We will have swag available at DRV - special shirts have been made for the event that are not available online

$20 each

There will also be patches, we've made a limited run of the FULL series of our Closure series just for DRV!

Made in USA :independence

$20 (set of 4)



There are limited numbers of these items so get ‘em before they’re gone! See @Luke at DRV to get yours!
Does anyone collect recyclables at these events?
Would love to save all those bottles and cans to give to someone that would like to have them. :clang


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Well, hell, sadly, Machelle and I are out. I was supposed to have a three day weekend this weekend, my work schedule got changed and now I have to work Saturday. You guys have a great time!
Looks like due to a loss in the family we are not going to make it. We where looking forward to starting our overland adventures with guys. Enjoy. I still wish to make the purchase I put a bid on. I have a friend SDNative that can pick it up for me. If that works... thanks again
All the planning and organizing for this years DRV is sure to be enjoyed by all, I myself am going to have to back out and stay closer to the central coast home...Wife is sick and don't want to leave her attending kiddos all by herself. I am bummed as I was looking forward to meeting up with you guys! Hope to catch you soon:) Have a ton of fun!
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