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That article forgot to mention that at the same investors meeting, they also announced a $1 per month cost increase. Not horrible, but more of a "now that we've got you hooked..."


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What the Ahsoka show might mean... For Luke?

On a separate post about Favs' notion of factions in this time period the shows will be addressing, there was some back and forth about Ahsoka's status as a Jedi which got my gears turning, thinking "well we can say force wielders because Luke is rebuilding the temple..." Then it hit me.

Regardless of whether she's a Jedi or a "Jedi", Ahsoka did turn her back on the council and walk away from the temple for very valid reasons, which we all saw over the course of TCW. But now, Luke is attempting to rebuild that very same institution, without the full understanding of what led to its downfall. To Luke, the Jedi Council and Temple were paragons of virtue in need of restoration after being destroyed by the Emperor and Vader. He doesn't know that their hubris and rigidity played an arguably larger part in their own demise. How could he? Well...

Considering that the above is a conflict too juicy from a storytelling standpoint to leave unexplored, I posit that Ahsoka will cross paths with Luke and Grogu at some point during her season- possibly spanning two episodes. The first part of their meeting is complete chill-inducing awesomeness. Anakin's Padawan meeting his son, who redeemed him. Just imagining Filoni getting to tell that story is incredible. So warm fuzzies all around until Ahsoka is ready to move on to continue her mission. Luke asks her to stay/return to work with him to rebuild the Jedi and Ahsoka is NOT down, and warns Luke about what sucked about the Jedi and even worse, that what Grogu and her survived could easily happen again. In a tragic bit of irony, Luke defies Ahsoka's warnings just like she always defied his father's, because we know he did rebuild a Jedi Temple.

So, when said temple is destroyed by Kylo Ren (& others?) Luke is equally destroyed. He played a part in losing his nephew to the dark side. He couldn't protect the other students in his care. Worst of all, he was warned by someone who knew better ~20 years earlier. That's why he walks away from being a Jedi and eventually cuts himself off from the force. He was belatedly heeding Ahsoka's warning as penance.

Tl;Dr - Filoni will again use Ahsoka to add additional layers to the films, this time to Luke's decision to walk away from being a Jedi
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