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The East Troublesome fire, pictured above, is now the second largest fire in Colorado, since records have been kept. as of this post, it is ~170K acres in size. Two days prior in the am it was ~24k acres. The largest fire is the Cameron Peak fire which is still burning. The fires are about 15 mile apart. RMNP is closed as is the Roosevelt NF.
So electric vehicles have additional protections against carjacking.
This might be even more useful than manual transmissions. Who knew?
Anne Arundel First Alert

#gambrills | *Double Carjacking* | Carjackers Unable To Operate Electric Vehicle Carjack Second Victim Before Fleeing | Police are investigating two armed carjackings involving the same suspects, at the Royal Farms store located at 1114 Crain Hwy N, in Gambrills. According to the first victim, the two suspects allegedly attempted to take his vehicle at gunpoint, as he sat at the electric vehicle charging station on 10/26 around 12:30 AM. When the two suspects couldn't figure out how to operate the electric car, they approached another driver, forcing him out, while facing a gun. The second victim complied and the suspects described as two black males in dark clothing, drove away in his black Dodge Avenger. Neither victim was harmed in the incidents. Anne Arundel County Police are investigating. The stolen vehicle is a 2011 black Dodge Avenger with a Maryland Tag of 2AJ4754.
It may be the only instance when having a dead battery was a good thing. More from Anne Arundel County Police below:
"On October 26, 2020 at approximately 12:30 a.m. officers responded to the Royal Farms store located at 1114 Crain Hwy in Gambrills for a carjacking. Investigation revealed that two black male suspects wearing dark clothing, and one armed with a handgun approached the first victim while he was in his electric vehicle charging at the electric station. The suspects pointed a gun at the victim and told him to exit his vehicle. The suspects entered the vehicle and attempted to drive away, but were unsuccessful in operating an electric car. The suspects then exited the electric vehicle and approached another vehicle where the second victim was sitting inside. The suspect pointed a gun at the second victim and demanded his car keys. The second victim exited the vehicle at which time the suspects entered the vehicle and fled the scene. The suspects were last seen driving north on Crain Highway (Rt 3). Neither of the two victims were injured during this incident. Western District detectives are investigating and ask anyone with information please call 410-222-6155 or the Tip Line at 410-222-4700. The stolen vehicle is a 2011 black Dodge Avenger with a Maryland Tag of 2AJ4754."
May have to check this out @Dave - always looking for good recommendations for things to watch on Netflix while I'm at the Red Cross for platelet donations - got a good 2 hours to kill every other week.
The Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving I made the drive from Homestead FL to Atlanta. Somewhere south of Gainesville the southbound lanes of 75 emptied out and the northbound lanes i was in slowed to a crawl. A minivan fully engulfed in flames on the southbound side was the culprit. Horrible thing to happen to a family, especially right before the holiday season. Hope everyone made it out OK.

Fire caused 25 miles of stopped traffic on the southbound side.

2020's last great act of misery...another change to plastic gas cans...

...I can't wait to see how bad these leak fuel all over the place when trying to use them...legislation doesn't fix STUPID.
This is needed. Look at the exploding fuel cans under overpasses in cities, and backups of exploding cans at the VA. Don't forget about the disparity in imported fuel cans versus our stagnant fuel can industries.

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They should just ban gas cans completely because of the danger. Same idea as banning restaurants. In CA, they have passed a law banning gas tanks in cars in a few years so why not get started with gas cans now?
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