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So-called “content moderators” on Facebook — tasked with vetting user posts that have been flagged for pornographic material, graphic violence
or hate speech — are so traumatized by their work that they’ve resorted to smoking weed, spouting conspiracy theories and even having sex on the
job, according to reports.

...These content moderators earn $28,800 a year — a fraction of the $240,000 average annual haul of a median Facebook employee — and are
expected to perform their jobs with 95 percent accuracy.

“It’s a strain. I don’t know what I’m going to see,” one contractor at Accenture told Bloomberg. “I don’t have a problem with nudity — that’s
what I signed up for — but then there are random beheadings.”

Employees who are fired for not properly auditing routinely threaten their former coworkers, according to the report, prompting one
supervisor to begin bringing a gun to work with him in the event that an interaction becomes violent.

It’s not just videos of graphic violence that have to be vetted by the army of moderators; employees also must review photos and videos of
child pornography and bestiality, as well as an endless stream of conspiracy theories.

One auditor, the Verge reports, now believes that the Earth is flat, while another has become convinced that 9/11 was a government
conspiracy. A third moderator “has begun to question certain aspects of the Holocaust,” according to the report.

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Usually the one on the bike. Evel Knievel was a childhood hero. I could clear 12 old school steel trash "Ceasar's Palace" was attempting went horribly wrong, mostly because the front wheel fell off of my old Schwinn Sting Ray as soon as I got airborne!o_O
Kids in school are no longer told to sit "Indian style" as I was in elementary school. It's now called "criss cross apple sauce".
That's been the case since my kids started kindergarten and they are 30 and 29 now! Ancient news!

You can't fix stupid...hiker goes around a locked gate at Yosemite, pays the ultimate price.
Yet, just wait for the lawsuit from the family and the multi-million dollar lawsuit against the National Parks that will be won by the plaintiff because the locked gate was not enough of a deterrent or some other nonsense!
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