I think there are still things out there we can't explain, i.e. some of the Missing 411 stories, but with the proliferation of game cams and other cameras seemingly everywhere and still no real pictures of one I have my doubts despite having a few weird stories myself.
There are supposedly explanations for why there are no pictures on game cams one of the reasons is because it puts off some kind of the electrical field and or smells funny.


There are supposedly explanations for why there are no pictures on game cams one of the reasons is because it puts off some kind of the electrical field and or smells funny.
Because everyone knows that funny smells will immediately shut down electrical equipment. :tinfoil I'm still trying to think of any animals other then electric eels that generate electric fields. :dunno They're fun to think about and it'd be neat if they did exist but even having seen stuff I can't explain I just can't get behind the idea of a seven foot ape-man running around basically unseen and with no anthropological evidence in our diminishing and heavily explored forests. :)


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We have used a game cam to cover a primitive campsite when we are away for the day, I have always thought it would be fun to have a Squatch suit and run 1 pass through other primitive sites in case they had a game cam......


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Recently watched a program on I think Netflix of some crying buffoon desperately trying to show proof of a bigfoot and have their entire habitat protected as an endangered species, safe from logging and other private and commercial uses. He claims their habitat consists of NORTH AMERICA! But he's convinced that "they" are making this impossible because "they" don't want to have something like the spotted owl protections happen on a larger scale.

No photos (that aren't actually of someone faking it), no bones, no burial sites, no live specimens. No such thing.

I've said it before to the argument that they're amazing at hiding themselves: You can actively hide yourself until you're dead and can no longer remove your traces. For as long as this myth has been around, someone would have bumbled over a dead one by now.


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Personally, I love the myth. The legend. But I'm not a "believer".

It's just something fun, and it makes great imagery. I'm all about Bigfoot ;)

interesting, Sally & I like watching TV programs on Bigfoot, were not believers or deniers, but I find it interesting. I do not have any explanation what happen or what we've experienced twice, Sally & I were camping in the Ozarks this was 3 years apart in time in the same spot that was off a secondary National Forest Road about 18 miles in. We were @ the bottom of a deep holler with a connecting hogsback ridge. Great camp spot with a creek running near by, withthinned grove of southern pines, hardwoods around camp with heavy thick woods. The area were we camp @ was logged off years back (thinned out). What was odd both times was Sally & I went up the dirt road for a walk with our dog Sadie Girl & one thing we've notice during the day light time was NOT one bird, frog, or any animal noises @ camp or on the walk, NOT one animal track on the dirt road & we walk about 3 1\2 miles up & 3 1\2 miles back listening & looking, the only tracks were ours when we were coming back. In the evening I built a fire, Sally made supper & after supper we had a few adult beverages listen to the crackle of the fire & making small talk we both noticed that zero frogs noise by the creek, no sound of Southern Cicada's, no fire flies, no whippoorwill's, no coyotes howling & etc. This was in the 3rd week of May both times. It gave Sally & I that eerie feeling but we went back a second time to see if it was just a one time is a coincidence, it was the exact same thing what I mention no sounds of animals or insects. Like I said we ain't saying it is Bigfoot or some cryptic creature ET thing was the cause of this, we just find it really odd what we experienced twice. The funny thing is we've camp all over that one particular Rangers District for many years traveled all the main, secondary dirt roads, trails, logged off tracks & always hear animals noises during the day light hours & through out the night.
Sasquatch always reminds me of the old joke - Steven Wright, I think - about flying saucers.

You never see reports like: "A flying saucer was seen near the MIT campus last night. It was witnessed by three nuclear physicists, two rocket scientists and a professor of brain surgery.'"

Instead, it's always "Me and Clem wuz out fishing last night and we seen it plain as day, Sheriff! Well, sure, we wuz drinking, but we waren't DRUNK!"
Wouldn't it be cool if it WERE true? A complete and total animal stealth machine, living outside and evading every single human on the planet... My hero.


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And just think what he could teach Marine Scout Snipers about stealth and camouflage!
Heck. Think of the espionage potential. The fact that no matter how many times someone or something takes a picture of you it always turns out fuzzy and indistinct. Got a secret base you want to protect against satellite observation? Send in the Sasquatch.


Just catching up to this thread, you guys are funneh... :rolleyes:

Sasquatch is probably riding the subway in NYC as I post this reply, and nobody is giving him a second glance or bothering to strike up a conversation... his intimidating size may have something to do with it, or it may be the Yankees ballcap and the 50 Coney Island dawgs he's noisily scarfing, LOL. :rolleyes:
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