Did you know I used to raise pigs. They can fly for extremely short distances. It helps when they're running...run jump fly land....run jump fly land...:baconbacon flies too! Just don't make bacon from flies.
IMG_0101.JPG So, Native Americans had many names for Squatch. Now, granted these could've been stories to frighten children into behaving but they might have some truth to them as well. These tribes also have stories and dealings with Squatch way before contact with the white man. Here is a list of some tribes, their names for the creatures and the translation.

Bella Coola Indians -Boqs- Bush Man

Shoshone -Tsoapittseor- Cannibal Giant

Yakima -Ste'ya'mah- Spirit hidden by woods

Quinault-Hecaitomixw- Dangerous Being
-Skukum- Devil of the forest

Menomimi-Manabai'wok- The Giants

Zuni -Atahsaia- Cannibal Demon

Okanogan-Snenah- Owl Woman

Seminole -Esti Capaki- Tall Man

Kwakawaka'wakw-Bukwas-Wild Man of the woods
-Tsonaqua-Wild Woman of the woods

Taos -Toylona- Big Person

Klamath -Yayaya'ash- The Frightener

Lenni Lenape -Wsinkhoalican- The Game Keeper

Plains -Iktomi- The Trickster

Paiute -Nu'numic- The Giant

Salish -Sasahevas- Wildman of the woods

Spokane -Se'wen'et'ti- Tall Burnt Hair

Wenatchee- Choanito- Night People

Cherokee- Kecleh ' Kudleh - Hairy Savage

Eastern Athabaskan- Windago - Wicked Cannibal

Shasta - Tahtahkle'ah- Owl Woman Monster

There are more but it certainly makes one wonder.......coincidence, facts, or fables.....
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Closest I've ever gotten to seeing one.

Seriously though I would love to see photographs or video that is believable. With all the really cool game cameras and other technologies out there, there should already be indisputable proof of bigfoot, aliens, Nessie, & chupacabra. Someone prove me wrong, please. Would make for a great distraction from other news.
I thought it interesting that they carry guitars on their backs in those parts.

The oldest account of Bigfoot was recorded in 986 AD

The oldest account of Bigfoot was recorded in 986 AD by Leif Ericson and his men. During their first landing in the New World, the Norsemen wrote about manlike beasts that were “horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy and with great black eyes.”

Among his accounts, Leif told of seeing huge hairy men who towered over him and his men. The “huge hairy men”, according to Leif, lived in the Woods and had a rank odour and a deafening shriek. It should be noted that Leif Ericson and his men describe huge manlike beasts that were loud and foul-smelling and clearly distinct from native peoples. Apparently, Leif had several sightings of the “huge hairy men” before departing the island.
They called the creature “Skellring”. People believe that the creature “Skellring” is what we know today as Bigfoot. This is the earliest recorded encounter with Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

The Norse word “skellring” is a term of contempt. It means, roughly, a “barbarian.” What is interesting is the word “hairy.” The Norse were a hairy people themselves, big men with matted hair and beards. Why did they remark on the “skellring” being hairy? Was it because they were very much hairier than the Norsemen?
Cultural dissonance is the term commonly used to describe a sense of discomfort, discord or disharmony arising from cultural differences or inconsistencies which are unexpected or unexplained and therefore difficult for individuals to negotiate.
I really enjoy listening to Bob Gymlan. Absolutely fascinating stuff on primatology I was not aware of. Even if you don't believe in them, you will learn a few things about other species involvement throughout time. really fascinating!


I think there are still things out there we can't explain, i.e. some of the Missing 411 stories, but with the proliferation of game cams and other cameras seemingly everywhere and still no real pictures of one I have my doubts despite having a few weird stories myself.
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