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Thank you for the reply! I like the Wilco but cant bring myself to spend the money. They are worth it if you are going to hang as much off there as they can handle but I just want to put my spare up there. This is a more cost effective alternative. Wilcos come up very rarely on Craig's List, these ought to come up more frequently.
I'm happy with Kuat swing out carrier, the spare tire post I bought from E Trailer & modified & welded it to the carrier. It hasn't came loose or given me any issues. It mounts solid & doesn't move. I bought it from Rack Attack for $295.99 w\ free shipping.
Very nice build Don. I hope to get mine at least half of where yours is on my own! The fab work I’ll have to get a friend to help me with. Welding & working with metal in general is a skill I need to work on but would be a bit nervous practicing on my camper.
finished up changing out Scepter Water Can holders from our offroad camping trailer.
Install the new AT Overland ones for the easy of loading 5ga. fresh water by sliding them in instead of the Smittybuilt one's were you have to lift them up & in, plus the AT Overland are built better.

I sand blasted them 1st then coated them (sprayed) with a 2 stage catalyzed truckbed liner. Last photo is Smittybilt Jerry Can Mounts which I had to modify the top strap by adding more metal so they would work.
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a little more work on the offroad camping trailer. I install a new Roto Pax mount & 2 1\2 gallon Roto Water Pax (right side) which will give us 12 1\2 gallons of water to carry on the trailer & moved the 2 1\2 gallon Roto Fuel Pax from the right side to the left side. I placed I the new patch to the ceiling "Closure Isn't Management."
Mocking up the 12v. outdoor light switches & outside 12v. socket receptacles. Cutting out for the switches & receptacles. The electrical & solar will be done the same way I done my last offroad trailer tongue box. (last Photo) I'll be installing one more light switch smaller in size in between the 2 rocker switch which will operate a LED light off the back of the trailer.

I'll be painting the tongue box white to match the existing white of the trailer then I'll spray a 2 stage catalyzed bed liner 10" up from the bottom on 3 sides as a rock guard. Paintwork I'll be priming with PPG DP Epoxy Primer, PPG Single Stage Base Paint (white) & PPG Concept Clear Gloss. The colors will be white & black only on this project. I'll be using buglehead machine screws which I'll moly coat satin black (heads)
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Great build! On your older trailer did you mount the electrical components to a plate and then mount the plate to the box?
Don - Have you had a chance to use that heater-in-a-toolbox yet? I'm doing well with Mr. Buddy, but am always interested in a better solution. Having heat is a great way to extend camping season.
Don - Have you had a chance to use that heater-in-a-toolbox yet? I'm doing well with Mr. Buddy, but am always interested in a better solution. Having heat is a great way to extend camping season.
yes, several times & love it. I like the fact that it is thermostat controlled, it's safe, draws very little amps, the propane use is very respectable & it's portable.
My buddy wanted to buy one the same kit I bought @ AT Overland, but I guess they don't sell them any more. He couldn't find them on there site. He came over took lots of pictures of mine as I took the tool box apart for him to get an idea how they went together. He built his from scratch using a Craftsman handheld tool box, Proplex H2000 furance & ordered the thermostat kit.
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alittle more changes to the Range Runner. I changed out the door latches so they all would be key'd alike. The original door latches Runaway uses on their trailers with multiple door the door latches are key'd differently. Plus their door latches by Bauer are plastic mostly. The new door latches I installed are Global Link which are all metal constructed & key'd alike. They fit right into the existing in-letting w\o no altering. I bought the white ones & it's nice to have 1 key that fits all 3 doors.
been doing some upgrades on our offroad squaredrop camper. Been installing a molle system in the sleeping area along with battery meter, next will be a wireless weather station. I can not believe it's been 4 1\2 yrs since I've finished it. The only battery meter is when I wire the camper & installed one in the battery tongue box. Now we can monitor the battery from the sleeping area.
Still waiting on another molle panel & map pouch to come in, that one I'll install under the shelf about the other molle system I installed.

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Ordered 5lb propane mount & tank from AT Overland. Great service as usual. I media blasted the mount, masked off the inside & shot a bedliner on the outside so I can continue the white & black theme through out my trailer. I done the same for the 2 AT Overland 5gal Scepter Can mounts too.
Just in time to install it before our trip next week. This will make the wife happy, no more 1lb propane bottles for her stove.
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Installed the 5lb propane tank of the rear of the camper, this will make the wife extremely happy. Leaving early Wednesday morning, can not wait. Made all the up grades I can before we leave, The Rhino Rack Compact 270 Awning Extensions came in, 2 of the Green Elephant Short Poles 2ft. to 4ft., finished the new First Aid Kit, our new custom 10" thick mattress , the new exterior 12v. socket & the battery meter inside the sleeping area. Long over due trip.

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