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I ordered a square back from a company in Florida, Runaway Camper - their Range Runner model. Paid cash & they were nice enough to give me a cash discount too. It will be ready for pick up in the 1st week in April. We order with a few add-on's roof rack & large 40" x 40" rear door. I spent several days looking at square back's & on line & the several phone calls. Seems many of them are constructed the same way. The Runaway Range Runner is the only square back I can find that has the widest wheel base, 6ft wide. I figure it will be 6 months of fabrication & add-on's, paint work until it hits the trails.
Fully Welded Steel Frame Construction
3500lb. Rated Dexter RV Axle w/Easy Lube Hubs (will add weld on shock kit & Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit)
Dual Folding Stabilzer Jacks (I'll replace with BAL C-Series Jack 28" w\BAL Foot Pads)
Front Jack with removable wheel
15" White Spoke Wheels & Tires (I'll replace 3 15"x8"x 4.5 on 5 U.S. Wheel 8 Spoke rims (sent off to the powder coater to be Black & Crosswind MT LT 215x75Rx15 tires)
Polyvinyl undercoated floor
Runaways Triple-Seal Cabin Construction provides maximum weather resistance
30"x20" Tinted Safety Glass Windows w/Screens
Two - 22"x42" RV Locking Entry Doors w/Keys
3/4" Clear Finished Wood Wall Construction
High Quality Easy to Clean Vinyl Flooring
Charcoal Gray Headliner
Two - 110v Power Strips w/Standard Connection
10" Deep Storage Shelf
Aluminum Exterior and Trim w/Baked Enamel Finish
2" Ball Coupler (I'll change out to Lock N Roll articulating hitch)
Standard 4-Prong Trailer Light Connection (I'll change out to 7 prong w\electric brakes)
Rear Accessory Hitch
5,000 btu A/C with Marine Grade Vinyl Cover
LED Tail Lights (I'll change out to 2" x 15" LED)
Bottom Mounted Spare Tire (total removal & fabricate a swing a way spare tire mount)
Diamond Plate Fenders and Front Wall Protector
Weight: 890lb. (varies slightly according to options)
Interior: 70.5"W x 94.5"L x 42-46"H
Overall Dimensions 11'4"L x 65"H x 94"W

I already have some of the modification parts to install. I figure about 6 months of fabrication & mod's before it hits the trails.
Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit
Weld on Shock Kit
3 Crosswind MT LT 215x75Rx15 tires
3 15"x8"x 4.5 on 5 U.S. Wheel 8 Spoke rims (sent off to the powder coater to be Black)
The Range Runner outside cabin size is 6ft. W x 8ft. L x 4ft. H
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just order the following: round, pipe mount swivel jack w/ footplate weld on side wind 14-7/8" travel 2000lb, 18" 2" weld on receiver hitch tube, 40ft of 2" thick wall tubing, 1\4 sheet 3\8" metal, full 4x8 sheet 1\8" thick metal, 2ft of raw steel hitch shank. This is for the back bone & tongue I'll modify
more parts came in. Yesterday the Lock & Roll Hitch.
Ordered steel Jeep Style Fenders to replace the stock round fenders
I also ordered Triple Heavy Duty 20 A 12 V Plug Lighter Socket Plug Outlet Panel, 2 Rocker Switch Laser Blue ON-OFF 5Pin 20A 12V LED SASQUATCH Light, 3" Power Cord Cable Hatch Camper Round RV Trailer Electric Black for the tongue box. This way I can make all my cuts on the tongue box before I prime, spray the bed liner & paint to match the trailer.
more parts came in today, tires General Grabber ATX 235x75Rx15" & the RAM pipe mount swivel jack w/ footplate weld on side wind 14-7/8" travel 2000lb.

Sold my Crosswind MT's tires to a friend for his trailer. Had to delay our trip one day for the tire delivery today. So tomorrow will leave
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more parts came in for this project. I have all the suspension parts now, over half of the electrical now, tongue box, tires, rims are in route back to me from the powder coaters, offroad coupler Lock n Roll, the axle flop kit, weld-on shock kit w\shocks, jeep style fenders & all the metal to complete the new tongue.
The last week been cleaning, reorganizing inside this shop building this was my old business shop, sold all my gun repair equipment: milling machine & lathe, gun coating equipment: hydrographic camo printing tank, activator spray systems, camo film, all but 1 moly gun oven I kept, & most of moly coatings I sold.
Next on the list of parts to be ordered next month is Rhino Batwing Awning right side mount, Armor Tech Offroad Scepter Can Mounts x2, Tuff Stuff 6 1\2ft x 8ft Awning & 6 1\2ft x 8ft. Awning Shelter for the left side of the trailer. !st week of April is when we are headed to Florida to pick up the trailer.

This shop will be a designated for this project only. The paint booth is next door which makes it so much easier for me to prime, paint & clear coat parts w\o having a fairly long walk to the other shop building which I built my Dinoot M416 out of.
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Mocking up the 12v. outdoor light switches & outside 12v. socket receptacles. Cutting out for the switches & receptacles. The electrical & solar will be done the same way I done my last offroad trailer tongue box. (last Photo) I'll be installing one more light switch smaller in size in between the 2 rocker switch which will operate a LED light off the back of the trailer.

I'll be painting the tongue box white to match the existing white of the trailer then I'll spray a 2 stage catalyzed bed liner 10" up from the bottom on 3 sides as a rock guard. Paintwork I'll be priming with PPG DP Epoxy Primer, PPG Single Stage Base Paint (white) & PPG Concept Clear Gloss. The colors will be white & black only on this project. I'll be using buglehead machine screws which I'll moly coat satin black (heads)
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more parts came in the mail today, new tail lights & battery meter. The fenders are 10"wide, 18" across the top 36" across the bottom, made from aluminum.
I'll media blast them, prime them with a automotive epoxy primer 2 coats, 3 coats of a white automotive base color, 3 coats of clear gloss. Then I'll spray on a 2 stage catalyze bed liner on the front faces in a medium orange texture.
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more work on my project offroad Runaway Range Runner Camper tongue box. Used a 3" hole saw for the solar panel cable port. Disassembled the latch mechanizm from the tongue box & removed the lock & replacing with a 2 way security lock. I media blasted the latch, machine screws for the outlet ports, bottle opener & solar port & coated with KG Gun Kote Satin Black Moly. This coating is a baked on finish & is extremely durable. I'll bake this finish on for 2 hours @ 285 degrees, then season the finish.
Nothing chrome or polished aluminum on this project. Just White & Black colors only.
I still have to install one more switch (smaller in size) between the 2 larger switches which will controll the rear LED lights off the back of the camping trailer.
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the mail came, more electrical parts came in, light switch for the rear lights, license plate light, & 2 LED Blue Exterior Courtesy Lights.

Finished baking the KG Gun Kote Satin Black Moly coating on for my tongue box latch, machine screws, plus installed the new lock on the latch, installed the small light switch on the tongue box for the rear lights.
Everything is done on the mock up for the tongue box, now for prep work, primer, paint, clear coat & the black bed liner.
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this morning I sprayed the PPG DP Epoxy Primer on the tongue box. 1 hr later I started putting on the base coat white on the tongue box (3 coats).
My down draft variable speed fan switch stopped working on the 2nd coat of primer. I guess after 16 yrs something has to go, most likely the contacts in the switch. LOL
Tomorrow I put on the gloss clear, 3 coats. After everything is dry, I'll mask off the tongue box & 8" off the bottom on 3 sides (front, both sides) I'll be spraying on a 2 stage catalyzed truck bed liner on leaving straight black. This will be used as a rock guard. I'll do the same on the Runaway Range Runner Trailer too on the front, & sides & chassis sides.
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got early & finished my tongue box (the outside) for the project Offroad Runaway Range Runner Camping Trailer.
This morning I got my paint booth up to temperature 75 degrees, the clear I applied last night was dry enough for the next step of the finish, the truck bedliner.
I scuffed the finish 8" from the bottom up & masked the the upper half, shot on a black epoxy automotive primer, 1 hour late I was spraying the truck bedliner on. I adjusted the air pressure for a medium texture, the bedliner is 1\8" thick.
When dry enough I installed the solar cable port (left side), the 3 12v. outlet sockets, the 3 12v. light switches & the bottle opener (right side), pop riveted the latch back on. I have to say it looks great.

I'll be doing the same for the tongue of the trailer, along the front & sides & chassis of the trailer.
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more work on the project Offroad Runaway Range Runner Campier. Prepped, primed & base coated the jeep style fenders. This afternoon I'll apply the clear gloss coat on, 3 coats.
Monday I'll spray on the catyzlied truck bedliner, 17 1\2" up from the bottom faces & edge of the fenders.
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Got my tires mounted on the rim's (3 of them), They are the same style & size rims I used on my last build, these tires are 235x75R15 General Grabbers ATXs, just 2 sizes taller than I put on my current camping trailer which were 215x75Rx15" General Grabber AT2.

Runaway Campers called today, my trailer is finish. Leaving Monday for Florida to pick it up & bring it back.
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