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this morning done more work on my project Offroad Camper. The Rotopax 2 gal. Fuel Pack came in today. This fuel pack will hold gas for the 2500w inverter generator.
I also started on the interior back wall separating the sleeping quarters from the rear storage area. This will be constructed of aluminum angle metal the sheeted over with 3\4" cabinet grade Birch Plywood. The upper shelf will be a 14" x 70 1\2" shelf constructed of the same plywood & a non slip surface added.
The end of this month I'll list the my other offroad trailer I built up for sale. (last photo)
017.JPG 020.JPG 001.JPG 002.JPG 013.JPG 014.JPG 45767214_1924210364294495_1882812537561415680_n.jpg
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yes, gave all of that a serious thought, we decided to go with the Milliard 4" tri fold short queen mattress. The interior sleeping area dimensions 70 3\8" W x 76" L. The door opening is 22" x 42"
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more work done on project Offroad Runaway Range Runner camper. Got the dividing wall & shelf in between the sleeping area & the rear storage finished. Used cabinet grade birch 3\4" plywood, glued & screwed. Filled the joint with fiberglass stran auto body filler.
I'll feather sand the body filler, prime with oil base enamel primer, & Sally & I will wallpaper the wall & trim it out.
004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 012.JPG 018.JPG
just finished the wallpaper on the back wall. I installed the trim piece & had to tint the cabinet lacquer to match the existing walls. Tomorrow I'll run a bead of gray caulking down the sides.

My new 20L Scepter Water Cans came in today as well as the Scepter Water Can holder. I think this will work with the Scepter water spigot. I'm tired & smell like cabinet lacquer, I need a beer, a shower & some supper.
015.JPG 009.JPG 012.JPG 013.JPG
finished up on connecting the solar 30amp Charge Controller, positive & negative out going, positive & negative power, battery temperature sensor, & the battery montior read sensor. Also ran the left outside side exterior LED light wires inside the wood color'd wiring chase.

006.JPG 002.JPG 005.JPG 007.JPG
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looks like the 2nd week of June I'll have Project Offroad Runaway Range Runner finish & ready for it's maiden voyage.
All is left to do is:
wire the trailer lights (turn, stop, running lights)
install both awnings, Rhino Rack Batwing is being delivered today, still waiting on the Tuff Stuff 6 1\2ft. x 8ft awning & awning shelter
install battery, should be here this Friday
install 55amp Powermax Converter, Friday delivery
run the battery cables
finish swing away spare tire mount
Sally's nesting (Interior: install curtains, bedding)

there's a few things I wanted to add to the trailer, but can not being out of stock. Better Scepter Water Can holders, Climate Right Teardrop Trailer Air Tight Installation Kit for the Proplex H2000 decided to keep it portable.
fitting the swing spare tire mount. A little modification to the upright. I have exactly 5" between the rear of the spare tire & the rear storage door. The wife spent part of the day nesting. Added another shut off switch for the solar system, this way I'll have one for the 12v. electrical & the other for solar system. Everything works good, installed the new VMax 125ah Battery.
All is left is install the left side awning, run the wiring for the trailer lights & the wife finishes her nesting. All of our camping gear fit's into the rear storage area with room to spare.
001.JPG 003.JPG 007.JPG 010.JPG 014.JPG 006.JPG 012.JPG 002.JPG 005.JPG 015.JPG
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Tuff Stuff sent us a gift box since the order took so long. We didn't gripe about the time frame of awning order, we understood things happen. Thought customer service was nice enough to do this which they didn't have to.
Tire Repair Kit
Rechargeable Tuff Stuff lantern/Insect Zapper
002.JPG 004.JPG
installed a drop down table by Front Runner on the swing a way spare tire carrier on the camping trailer this evening. This will save space on the folding table & our Camp Chef Cook Stove will sit on this Front Runner Table.

It folds up nicely behind the spare tire when not in use.
006.JPG 007.JPG 009.JPG 011.JPG 015.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 010.JPG

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I've never tried TIG, but then I don't do enough to justify getting one. I got a Miller 211 a few years ago. I hate stick. It's like trying to write by holding the pencil up near the eraser:confused:
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