2018 Taco TRD Offroad

Here's the complete list. 1407 compatible vehicles and sub models.


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And a lunchtime project. Added a lanyard to the knob that secures the fold down table when stored. Now I don't have to worry about losing it. Or if I do I've probably got bigger problems.

Knob is brass with a plastic outer shell. Lanyard and screws are stainless. Drilled and tapped the knob and the brace that holds the table. All the hardware is available off McMaster Carr.
Working on a backup camera relocation mount for the Taco. Camera part number 86790-04040. M6 sized holes for screws or bolts or secured with zip-ties in the 2 side channels.
Camera Mount.png
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A simple upgrade to S-V.4 LED H11 / H16 Bulbs from incandescent halogen. Unlike the older LEDs that I had in my FJ these do a great job om mimicking the light element of the incandescent halogen in position and size.

Digging up an old image of the LEDs in my FJ, look at this mess. Look at the upper right corner at the light being projected on the ceiling. The only thing old style LED bulbs did when they replaced incandescent bulbs was blind drivers in oncoming traffic.

These provided a nice clean cut-off when the low beams were on and really good distance projection with high beams. Also I didn't have anyone flash their high beams because they were being blinded.

Looks like it tucks in there nicely.

It doesn't hang as low as the older tanks that I've seen pictures of. Maybe about a half inch below the frame. I might take some ABS plastic and create a rock shield for it. Just to protect the metal tank from paint chips and rusting.
Far too clean to be my truck. Same tank and mounting. I really hope I don't have to change the rear leaf springs. I do have Rego rear shock protectors coming so that's next weekend.
450 miles is plenty in the US but for Canada and Mexico that additional 300 miles is nice. Well over the 1000 km range that people suggest is the minimum for Australia and Africa.
Rago makes a good set of shock skids.
Rego shock guards in. You have to undo the axle u-bolts to mount it. I need a half inch impact wrench. I also need to add a 22 mm deep socket and an 18 mm wrench to the tool set that I carry.

Used a vernier caliper to make sure they were all equal before I started to torque them down.

Leaving a tool out in the sun sucks. Leaving one of these black Stanley tools out in the sun takes sucks to a whole new level. Grab a hold of one of these after it's been sitting in the sun for an hour.
Sounds like your installation was about as eventful as mine, but in new and exciting ways.

I should have followed my instincts and got the Timbren u-bolt flip kit and installed it at the same time. I just held off because I didn't know if they'd work with the OME Darkar heavy leaf springs.

Getting those u-bolt plates off with a torque wrench (longer handle) was like rowing a boat across the Atlantic. The threads rusted and even with seafoam the work didn't let up until the nuts started to come off the threads.

Surprisingly I didn't have an issue with the shocks and getting the bolt through.
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