1. Greg

    3RD Gen Tacoma Camper Shell, Rear Bumper, Rock Sliders, Mountain Hatch Tailgate Panel

    Pics are listed below. Over the summer I'll be prepping for a flatbed & canopy. These items will remain on the vehicle so I can still do stuff. However if someone is interested they can come off early. If you want more pics let me know. SOS Rear Bumper w/swingout and jerrycan holder * - $600...
  2. Haggis

    Five Forest Tour Through the Pennsylvania Wilds

    And lo...with the heat of summer in the ascension we loaded up our trusty pack mule of a truck for 4 day wander through the north central portions of Pennsylvania one June morning. A Tour of the Forests, if you will. Entering the Big Green that is the forests of Pennsylvania we wandered the...
  3. BajaSurfRig

    Built 2000 Tacoma 4wd TRD with Callen Camper

    Summary: - Built 2000 Toyota Tacoma V6 TRD (rear e-locker) 4x4 with 5 Speed Manual (Last year with no electronics in the 4x4 system). -Engine Fully Rebuilt 10k ago by The Truck Shop in SD with receipts. -Transmission fully rebuilt @ 156k (around 80k ago) with receipts by Miramar Transmission in...
  4. DometicOutdoors

    Dometic 4Runner TRD Pro's Build Thread!

    Hey folks! Our Mobile Living Division had @Team4Runner, @Fargo4x4 and @Team4Rpro outfit 2, 2018 TRD Pro 4Runners for our Dometic Team to cruise the country in! We are excited to share them with you, and share the passion with the overland and off road community! Photo and Video credit to the...
  5. Greg

    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    And so the build begins again. The insane demand for the FJ put me in the black with a significant margin on a trade in. Even with 140k miles on a 4 year old vehicle.
  6. dmpags

    '14 Tacoma Suspension Upgrade - advice for beginner

    Greetings Adventurists, I'm mapping out some modifications for my bone stock '14 Tacoma QuadCab Off-Road, and I'm asking your wisdom and experience. The first thing I want to tackle is the suspension. My ultimate goal is to gain approximately 3 inches of lift, minimal sagging under moderate...
  7. soc.diver

    2006 Tacoma TRD Off-Road for Sale. *SOLD*.

    The really don't want to sell this truck, but I have a growing family. Perfectly maintained, single owner vehicle with high-quality upgrades. I would like to see this go to a member of the community so my price is somewhat negotiable. Asking Price: $18,000 Location: Santa Cruz, CA - 4.0L V6...
  8. sarsaparilla

    Austin to Phoenix round trip. Input Appreciated

    Hey! I am planning a trip from Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ. It will be the first trip in the new Tacoma, as well as my pup's first trip. We (the lady, the dog, and I) will be heading out Wednesday and returning the following Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. We hope to camp the first night in...
  9. m.reed.1

    Skunk Works Expo Build

    SKUNKWORKS EXPO BUILD Follow us on Instagram at @Exp_Tco My Build 2015 TOYOTA TACOMA 4WD TRD OFF-ROAD Suspension/Tires: Icon extended travel front and rear with King #700 x 14 x 3''ID coils ARB Dakars rear leafs BFG 255/85/16 on Bronze Level 8 Generation Armor/Exterior: ARB Deluxe Bullbar...
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