1. soc.diver

    For Sale: 2017 Tacoma, TRD Off-Road.

    I somehow have found a way to overpopulate the backseat of my truck with children :D so it is necessary to find a larger truck. This much loved Taco needs a new owner to continue its adventures with. Single owner, Quicksand paint, no dents, pinstripes, spotless interior, lives in a garage when...
  2. BajaSurfRig

    Built 2000 Tacoma 4wd TRD with Callen Camper

    Summary: - Built 2000 Toyota Tacoma V6 TRD (rear e-locker) 4x4 with 5 Speed Manual (Last year with no electronics in the 4x4 system). -Engine Fully Rebuilt 10k ago by The Truck Shop in SD with receipts. -Transmission fully rebuilt @ 156k (around 80k ago) with receipts by Miramar Transmission in...
  3. Greg

    2018 Taco TRD Offroad

    And so the build begins again. The insane demand for the FJ put me in the black with a significant margin on a trade in. Even with 140k miles on a 4 year old vehicle.
  4. soc.diver

    2006 Tacoma TRD Off-Road for Sale. *SOLD*.

    The really don't want to sell this truck, but I have a growing family. Perfectly maintained, single owner vehicle with high-quality upgrades. I would like to see this go to a member of the community so my price is somewhat negotiable. Asking Price: $18,000 Location: Santa Cruz, CA - 4.0L V6...
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