2018 Lexus GX build

Started the rear bumper replacement today! Removed the factory receiver hitch and attaching hardware was around 70 lbs. The LFD bumper Runs in around 220 so that’ll hurt mpg. Pretty straightforward disassemble. Trust me on this, a Harbor Freight trany jack is worth the investment !

82E27BE9-001F-4916-BE7A-CDC6204527D7.jpeg 8DB9F245-A6B0-44CD-A09D-8F597766D9DF.jpeg 1C98CCD3-3F5B-485C-BA81-AFD7945EE5F0.jpeg 069E0EF9-4B9D-4DA5-BAD3-647F5A23B158.jpeg AB5F6EAE-90FE-48EC-9C75-7138FBB66CDF.jpeg
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