The 2021 Mountain Rendezvous

For the past couple of years, we’ve been restricted in our day-to-day activities. With life slowly returning back to normal and our regularly scheduled programming coming back online, we collectively decided that it’s time to get our 10th Annual Mountain Rendezvous penciled in and official at our go-to MRV location: Camp Tahquitz in Angelus Oaks, CA.

With the weather just passing through earlier in the week, all our Adventurists were greeted with the best weather we’ve had in quite some time. Temperatures all weekend were around the 60’s during the day, and a cool 30-40’s once the sun set with clear skies throughout the weekend. It was classic San Bernardino Mountain Fall weather and it couldn’t have come at a better time, including the changing colors of the trees making it such a picturesque environment.

This weekend was to be filled with events, from recovery and preparation classes, to scavenger hunt and trunk-or-treating for the kids, and the always popular Camp Cook-off Competition. Otherwise, you are always free to do whatever you’d like all weekend. There is always something for everyone!

The first two days are always the lighter days as most folks roll in before the weekend goes into full swing. Lot’s of socializing and lounging were definitely had, meeting new neighbors and making new friends. We are always about making everyone feel as welcome as can be as all our events are family-friendly!

Evenings are always the best time for socializing around campfires, but seeing how we were in a very high fire restriction status, only propane fires were allowed. Luckily a lot of folks had planned ahead and brought their own Campfire-In-A-Can. Clear skies and all sorts of colors scattered throughout Camp Tahquitz made for some fun colorful photos.

With everyone finally settled in, we were able to get the weekend into full swing. While some started waking up and making breakfast, there were some who were beginning to prepare for the Camp Cook-off Competition. During mid-morning, some trail runs were organized, classes were held, and the relaxed social environment continued until the evening when the big cooking competition would take place.

We’ve always encouraged everyone to participate as this is not only a camp cooking competition, but also promotes contribution and individual effort which brings everyone together. There are always a variety of entries for the competition, and we’ve also even opened up the cooking from dutch-oven-only to now any media you decide to cook with. Of course, with fire restrictions in place, we all were somewhat limited to propane, but the amount of food and vast variety of continues to surprise us all every single year!

We are genuinely thankful to everyone who contributed to the evening event, and I’m sure all of us who had a delicious bite(s) of your cooking are thankful as well! We even had seconds and thirds! Amazing!

Of course, with the cook off being a competition, we had quite the variety of foods to vote on, and the people ate and voted, deliciously!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Camp Cook-Off Competition!! We hope to see all you competitors and future competitors at next year’s Desert Rendezvous!

The last day of the Mountain Rendezvous is always fun as we anticipate the raffle along with the finale group photo!

And of course, here are the raffle winners!

Gratuitous thank you’s to the many sponsors who donated to this gathering, and most importantly THANK YOU to everyone who attended and supported American Adventurist over the last ten years! On behalf of the entire staff of American Adventurist, we hope to see you all at our Desert Rendezvous in February 2022 in Arizona!

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  1. [QUOTE=”Chad, post: 144516, member: 4019″]Great work [USER=904]@richard310[/USER] !

    Bummed I wasn’t able to make it![/QUOTE]
    We definitely missed you out there Chad. Hope to see you at DRV!

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