Tired of all the same "huge" RTT's, so I made my own: TerraPod


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What are the chances of storing bedding inside the tent?

For example, I use Teton Sports Double 0 degree bag and a couple of down pillows. The bag itself is pretty thick, but the pillows pack down pretty well. I think current RTT solutions have been pretty good in this regard, but recent solutions from GFC and AT, for example, aren't very spacious inside.

Also, do you think you might add some provisions for plumbing for a diesel/propane heater? Maybe a pre-drilled hole?

I was thinking of running a rectangular rain gutter across the foot of the bed (where the hinge is). It could be used to blow warm/hot air into the space and also reduce the sound signature of the heater. If you had a mattress spring setup similar to how the Mercedes Marco Polo, that would be pretty amazing since hot air could just be piped through the bottom and it could be evenly distributed to the rest of the RTT.

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Looks like a Froli system low profile bed system.
RTTx Update 07/05/20: Lots of questions pouring in...

How about a Monday Morning FAQ to help answer some of those burning questions?

Q: Where are we at this moment?
A: Orders are being placed for parts & materials. There are some significant lead times that must be managed. Therefore, we are not opening up ordering until we know for certain when we can fulfill orders.

After all - kinda sucks when you order something and it takes a ridiculously long time before you receive it...Amaright? We want to manage our customers expectations with a flow of information and actual timelines.

Q: Will there be a Kickstarter campaign?
A: Yes. This will be tied to the initial, early bird release of 25 units. 10 of which, with a unique, one-time only custom color rainfly. We are aiming to open the doors by mid-late July. A countdown of notifications will go out via Facebook and the various forums we have been tied to. Namely IH8TMUD.com, T4R.org, Expeditionportal.com, and Americanadventurist.com

Q: How will orders be taken?
A: Ordering will be tied to the Kickstarter campaign initially. During this time, our primary e-commerce website will be completed and orders following the opening 25 units will be taken there.

Note, if you are not able to buy a tent at this time, but would like to become part of the Adventure Simple community and help the launch of Terrapod®, other Kickstarter swag levels will be available.

Q: Why only 25 tents? I thought there were to be 50...
A: Well...a number of our suppliers had their own fulfillment and inventory issues tied to the Covid-19 global situation. This was the best number to meet at the present time. We are looking to do ongoing production runs of 25, with more likely as things get back to normal.

Q: What will be required at order time?
A: A production deposit will be required to secure your tent order. The amount will be determined when Kickstarter goes live.

Q: How long till orders can be fulfilled?
A: At the present time, we are looking at an 8-10 week lead time to receive all parts & materials. We will be in constant contact will all purchasers.

Q: Can my tent be shipped internationally?
A: Of course, but plan on it being very expensive. Canada customers will likely be the easiest. Others, not-so-much.

Q: What will shipping be?
A: Cost is presently unknown. We are expecting it to be similar to all other RTT distributors. Plan on freight due to the size and weight.

Q: What is the final tent size and weight?
A: Exterior = 94"L x 53.75"W. Interior = 86.75" x 52"
Weight is expected to be approximately 115lbs (tent only)

Q: What are the final production colors?
A: Similar to the attached photo - silver /clear anodized main tray with medium gray powder coated accents. The main panels are white with matching gray Terrapod® graphics. Standard fabric will be gray with black accents and an orange rainfly. Reason is simple - the lighter colors reflect heat and resulted in a tougher finish when testing.

That is all for now...we will do our best to keep everyone up to speed as we get closer to production.

Thanks for being a part of the ride!

Adventure Simple.

Final colors:
Hey folks...For those that do not wish to purchase a tent at this time... please consider one of our other merch items. Every little bit will help us get up to speed that much faster. BTW - the Mag-Coozie is freakin awesome. Easily my favorite thing.

And please - help spread the word! We are truly wanting to bring high-quality USA Gear to the industry. We deserve quality gear!!

Go here! Terrapod RTTx - Extreme Series Vehicle Roof Tent by Chad Austin — Kickstarter

The Terrapod RTTx - the most tested, proven, new-to-market Roof Top Tent, ever conceived.
14 months - 1000's of miles on and off road - high winds - monsoon rain - high desert t-storms - hail

...and a 40 lb, 87" limb dropped onto it from 14'...3 times.

It survived it all.

Handcrafted and made in the USA.

Kickstarter Update: Don't Wait! The Introductory price is only for the First Edition Tents.

Only 12 units remain!

A reminder - we are using Kickstarter to jumpstart marketing to build awareness for Terrapod. That's pretty much it. All parts and materials are in within the next week and we will be starting production. So...the sooner we hit our goal, the sooner we ship tents.

Side note - a reminder, we can only ship to continental US and Canada at this time only. Thank you to all from overseas who have expressed interest. Once we get up to speed, we can determine the best international shipping. TY

For those who have asked regarding standard 7 foot Garage doors - Here you go.

Details as shown:

1) Vehicle details: 2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail with a 3.5" lift, 275/70/17 tires
2) Terrapod RTTx Tent with Rhino-Rack Backbone mount.
3) Garage door is a standard 2 car 7 foot tall garage door.

The Rhino-Rack Backbone as a direct mount for the RTTx provides not only the best mounting option, it allows the vehicle to retain the proper aerodynamic airflow over the roof.

Only 12 left on the Kickstarter First Editions. Get your's before it's gone!

Ladies and Gents - Allow me a moment to obsess about my, erm... obsession. o_O

I know quite a few think black framing is cool looking. Frankly...I 100% agree with you. Heck, it's why I started the design process with black in mind. I loved the look. However, as I got further along in the process, testing proved it is just not the best solution. This has been my target for the tent, from the start >>>> the best functioning, no compromise, well-designed & built RTT. Period.

Factors at play for Black vs Silver:

• Finish / An example - the photo below is of my 8 month old Extreme LED A-pillar lights. This is what happens to aluminum extrusions, if we anodize them in this manner (these are garaged.) I do not want my customers to have to repaint their tents after the anodizing fades after only a year in the sun.

This did not meet our level of quality.

• Heat - We did a simple test of placing both silver/clear and black anodized aluminum rails (same alloy), in full noontime sun for 15 min. The black absorbed the heat intensely and experience a differential from silver of upwards of 25-30 degrees greater.

Given how many of us visit desert environments and/or hot sun - unacceptable.

• Powder Coating: Now some may say powder coating is the best method. While heat is still an issue with the color, powder coating pushed us into a pricing category that I did want to pass to my customers due to huge quantity of parts (3000lbs worth). (think about the powder coating cost of those sliders or bumper.) The thickness of the powder also proved to be a challenge in the T-slots. I did not want my customers to have to grind all the bolts, just to mount an accessory.

This too, did not meet our level of quality.

• Personalization: The RTTx was created to be a sleeping system that can be personalized by the owner. If you still desire a black tent, anodizing is a high-energy finish that provides a great surface for paint or vehicle wrap vinyl. This direction, completely fits with idea of personalization.

Far too many tents in the industry are focusing on cheap and cool looking, instead of proper function and design. That's not how Terrapod rolls. The RTTx is cool looking...but meets the mark functionally, in spades.

Adventure Simple

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