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A random thought from Ureka by Graham Field:

It occurs to me that if an animal has four legs its name changes when it appears on a menu; pork, beef, venison, but if it only has two legs it stays the same; chicken, pheasant, turkey. It may not be relevant but it’s something to chew over.
In case you were wondering about the name change for the meat, it goes back to the Norman Conquest when the French conquered England. Because the French were in charge, when the English made their food the French used their native tongue to refer to the meat. [/Cliff Claven] Not sure why it didn't happen with poultry though.’s got a proper modern 8 speed transmission. Not like that archaic junk in some brands. Oh, wait it’s a Chrysler (or is it Fiat)...Neither known for dependable transmission since the post muscle car years. A toast to the Torqueflite 727s and 904s when a Mopar was actually a Mopar, long may they shred.
440 6-Pack, 426 Hemi, ....


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I have a unopened package of TP in a bathroom I hardly use. It's been there for months.

eBay here I come!

"Pre Coronavirus package of Charmin toilet paper!!!!!!!"

Starting bid $100.00. Got farkles I need to buy.
I worked for some years as an armored car guard. I used to HATE Halloween. People walking around the streets wearing masks and costumes. I always figured it would be the perfect time for someone to rob a bank - or an armored car - wearing a disguise like that.

So, I can't say I'm surprised to read that there is an uptick of people committing robberies while wearing surgical masks . . .
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