The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

Hey guys!

We are looking to see what kind of set ups you guys are running! What are your thoughts on your Dometic fridge? What industry events would you like to see us at? Share with us!

We would love to see some pictures of your CFX Fridges in action, post below and if you have Instagram tag yourself!

Here is a link to our Mobile Living Made Easy Portable Fridges if you are unfamiliar:

Shown is the CFX28!



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I'm seeing a lot of these from my customers. And I have to say, Dometic is doing a good job of responding to the needs in our market. The CFX app is pretty damn cool!

I'm not a dealer for any of the fridge companies, but when someone asks, I do tell them to look at Dometic.
I'm not very familiar with Dometic Freezers. I am, however, familiar with the Dometic MO 9722R sink/stove Combo. I had to get that thing shipped from London because it's not available in the USA. ;)

As far as fridges, most of my experience has been with ARB, Snowmaster, Indel B, Edgestar/Whynter, National Luna freezers, and those cheap Chinese Knockoffs.

Honestly, those $200 dollar freezers from China are a fantastic deal through Alibaba. Sure QC is terrible and I'm more than likely to get a bad unit or two. But in a group buy with enough people and a few extra units, it covers the possibility of breaking for 1/4 the cost of a new unit.

Personally, I've been running an Edgestar FP430 for 5 years (11/2012) now and I haven't had any issues. It was a brand new unit on Rakuten with a 15% discount plus 5% cash back on Fatwallet. The rest of the units my friends picked up, 2 of them were scratch and dents, 2 more were new. Out of the 5 that our friends have, only one has gone bad in the past seven years (compressor seizing).

The IndelB units that a few of us picked up are nice because like the ARB units, they have better insulation, but they do have those really really really dumb protruding handles. I mean seriously why? They're meant to be placed inside a vehicle and mounted so they don't fly around. A low profile handle would make a lot more sense.

One friend got sponsored by Snowmaster so he got a free fridge. :p

But yeah, for our trips, they generally consist of a lot of thru-camping, so in a 9 day trip, we'll have 8-9 different campsites and travel something like 3600 miles.

(shameless video plug)

While it would be nice to have a Dual Zone for some ice cream, I can't really justify the USA tax on these units. This is totally because the National Luna has their Dual Zone for ~ 9,605 ZA ($780 USD) and they go on sale once or twice a year. I could just ask one of my relatives to bring one back on their next visit.

Sure, there are going to be some questions on service and support because I'd basically be self-supporting and waiving any warranty. But our experience with US Based-Support for freezers have been less than positive (ie if something breaks, we still have to pay for parts and shipping, but labor is covered by warranty). Due to the cost of getting these units fixed, it's nearly the same to buy a whole new unit.

So in that sense, it makes sense for us to use a cheaper fridge for 5 or so years and then replace it with the same model when it goes kaput. Scratch and Dent EdgeStars can be picked up for $300 bucks.

The other thing about EdgeStar, National Luna, and Steel versions of the Indel B freezers is that they have straight sides and don't have stupid protruding handles or rounded edges. This helps us minimize wasted space when building our cabinets. Afterall, we've all go truck or suv based camping vehicles, so space isn't quite as abundant as say in a Sprinter. It also makes planning a lot easier in SketchUp or similar CAD software for style extruded aluminum.


But if you're asking about what sort of events I'd like to see ya'll at to promote yourselves? I would consider appealing to the #VANKULTURE people. Like you want to see your fridge in this guy's Toyota Sienna:

A lot of people who were in the tuner scene with imports have moved on and are beginning to start families. Where there're families, there are breast pumps and breast milk. And on trips, they need cold places to put that milk. I think this is a perfect tie in for minivan families. I think it would be cool to see some partnerships with dealerships as an aftermarket add-ons in family vehicles.
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