1. GoorooDougie

    McCain Valley trip (San Diego County, CA)

    Just back from a brief overnight trip to McCain Valley, which overlooks Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in eastern San Diego County. Thought I'd share some pics and info, in case anyone else is down in this corner of the country and is interested in easy off-roading, seclusion, and amazing views...
  2. B

    Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Electric Lift/remote

    Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Electric Lift/remote. brand new in the box, the one you are seeing is on my own personal truck. 4.5 ft x 7ft x 8 inches folded comes with wireless remote and ladder. installation hardwares are included. the box is 96x60x12 $2300
  3. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Pt. 2 in TCT magazine

    Part two of my three part series Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser is now live in TCT magazine . The article starts on page 41. I hope you enjoy the article and I look forward to your comments...
  4. RickLB

    Tybee Island

    Planning on a short camping trip to Tybee Island, GA this month. Wife and I are going with some friends for 3 day excursion. Should be a good time. We are staying at the only camp ground there, Rivers End
  5. Haggis

    Of Whoopie Slings and Tarp Worms..Hammock Camping Discussion

    Well I got one. One of those butt freezing, bear burrito, back buster hipster slings. After one hiking trip where the ground was so strewn with rocks that it was nigh on impossible to find a tent pitch, having buddies extol the grandeur of hammock camping and watching too many hiking YouTube...
  6. Dave


    Yeah, it’s different. Yeah, the case is long. And yeah, it looks like it’s from NASA. And I LOVE it. Why? Because it just WORKS. The Shiftpod has been tested in sustained winds of 100 mph, is made from multi-layer insulated reflective material designed for desert temps, and is super fast and...
  7. DometicOutdoors

    The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

    Hey guys! We are looking to see what kind of set ups you guys are running! What are your thoughts on your Dometic fridge? What industry events would you like to see us at? Share with us! We would love to see some pictures of your CFX Fridges in action, post below and if you have Instagram tag...
  8. woodienut

    Overland Trailer for sale

    I've made the difficult decision to sell my beloved camping trailer. @bob91yj @Gallowbraid @ArkansasDon @Garrett I've decided to take up permanent residency in Mexico (yes, there's a lady in involved). Good for me and good for you too (there's one Hell of a trailer is available)! This seems to...
  9. Haggis

    Building the Go Anywhere, in Anything UL Camp Kit

    Our adventure trips take on many flavors (off-road, deep woods, raging waters and underground) and with a change in careers for me we are looking at more opportunities to explore. With that our standard mode of travel, hopping in the truck and hitching up the trailer, won't have to be the main...
  10. DometicOutdoors

    Dometic 4Runner TRD Pro's Build Thread!

    Hey folks! Our Mobile Living Division had @Team4Runner, @Fargo4x4 and @Team4Rpro outfit 2, 2018 TRD Pro 4Runners for our Dometic Team to cruise the country in! We are excited to share them with you, and share the passion with the overland and off road community! Photo and Video credit to the...
  11. H

    Destinations in PA

    I've been to a lot of camping areas in PA, both car and backpacking, but not much in terms of forest road car camping. I'm looking to rent a tear drop trailer and hit of some places I've never been. Nothing crazy, just somewhere nice with the usual decent views, etc. If you know a car camping...
  12. Mojoe Outfitters

    Candied Pecans with a Spectacular View of the Sierra Escarpment!

    Back in June, I went on an awesome adventure to the North Rim of the Long Valley Caldera with my brother, his family and my buddy, Brian. There is a crazy amount of 4x4 trails in the area which includes Mono Lake. Spectacular views abound! At our campsite, we made a video of a very simple and...
  13. sarsaparilla

    Austin to Phoenix round trip. Input Appreciated

    Hey! I am planning a trip from Austin, TX to Phoenix, AZ. It will be the first trip in the new Tacoma, as well as my pup's first trip. We (the lady, the dog, and I) will be heading out Wednesday and returning the following Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. We hope to camp the first night in...
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