The American Adventurist Swag Thread

you selling any of the round Black & White American Adventurist? & red white & blue American Adventurist Patches? Those were the two stolen out of my truck a few years back.


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Agreed, at that size I'd say on the side, and order one. The center one would look better if it were bigger. or maybe a round velcro back that's the same size as our typical round patch. I could go for that and interchange our patches to suit.
I can make up some 4” decals with no problem not sure what the demand would be for past event patches?
Too many of my older decals were giving up the ghost, so I had to remove them. I’d still like to commemorate those events, however, and thought patches would be the way to go, as recent ones already have them.

I’ll watch your site for the 4” decals. Thanks!
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