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I love this thread because all of you guys are showing off masterful creativity- Keep it up!

Here's my set-up:


Also, for you bacon lovers out there:





Man some of these setups are incredible. My setup consists of a 20 year old plastic Coleman cooler and a 20 year old Cadac grill with interchangeable grates. Nothing are still working so I can't justify spending more money...

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Which Trek Pak package did you buy to be able to do the drawer? Also, what kknd of spigot is that on your H2O system? Thanks.
Sorry it took me so long to reply! We were lucky enough to do some preliminary testing for TrekPak. As of right now, there are no drawer packages, but you can contact them at and provide dimension for your drawer and an approximate layout and they can help give you a price. You can read about how we came up with our layout in on page 26 of FJC Magazine's fall 2013 issue, by clicking here.
Updated setup with 60L ARB fridge and Tembo Tusk slide:

_BAJ1407.jpg by Beau_Johnston, on Flickr

I really like having the fridge and the slide works great, the only down side is how high everything sits. I am running 285s with a 4" lift in the rear. Krista is 5' 6" and can just barely look into the fridge (I am standing on a slightly higher patch of ground in this photo). I have been debating removing the driver-side drawer to lower the fridge down approximately six inches. We will see if I ever get around to that...
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