Recommendations for a mountain bike carrier

I researched this topic a ton before I bought my hitch rack. After all was said and done it came down to 2 racks: The Küat NV , and the 1up . Both are high quality and offer different features and neither are the least expensive out there. I ended going with the Küat NV for my Tacoma with a flippac because the tilt feature allows me not only the ability to open the camper hatch but I can drop the tailgate as well with 2 bikes loaded onto it. It also has a built in bike stand for working on your bike in the field which has come in handy more than a few times. It is built pretty solid and in dealing with them they still have a small company "we're gonna make it right" type of vibe going on. The 1up has less feature but is hands down the most solidly built rack on the market. So there you have it. That's what I know on the topic, happy searching.

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