QuickPitch En-Suite shower and privacy certain

It wouldn't be AS awkward if I didn't have it situated between the tire swing out and the tent ladder. Mine is also slightly too close to the vehicle without a secondary bracket to give it a little space. It's still the most convenient option, by far, that I've tried -- and I've tried several. I could put it on the other side of the vehicle but that's where I have my big 270* awning so a much more public space, typically. We looked and it would not be able to be undone from the frame and rotated 90* or 180*. I may have a shop add or move a zipper to one of the front corners.
I've had my Quick Pitch for a couple of years now. I can tell you that if the zipper were on the front corners, than you wouldn't be able to stake down the corners and be able to open the side wall all way. If the zipper were in the front corner and it was staked down, you would open up the zipper like mouth, and step over the stake down point. It's the lesser of the evils to have it there. I now know that first hand because my first version I got, they sewed the stake down point on to the side wall and I had to open up the zippered wall like a mouth right next to the truck to get in.
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