Meet SHERPAH, my Gladiator build...

Well I changed my mind…

I ended up going to 35-11.5R17 Toyo’s. I have this tire on my Super Duty (different size) and it held up very well on our Alaska trip so I decided to use them again. They also weigh the same as the Falkens even though they are 2” taller and just a smidge wider.

I got an email from Mopar that the dealers were having a buy 3 get the 4th tire for a dollar sale. I went to my local dealer and they actually beat the Mopar price on line! I also had them do an alignment since I just put the AEV suspension on it.

You can compare this picture to the one on post #98 and see it actually fills out the wheel well a bit more but not too much.

I took it out for a good test drive and happily I didn’t really notice any difference in how the truck shifts!

Well we have decided to do some major trips this year so Santa Claus decided to bring me some additional lighting.

We went with ARB Solis lights. These things look very well made and are quite heavy. I have not installed the wiring harness yet (this weekend?) so stay tuned for the results but in the mean time…

Well I was able to wire the lights properly! The wiring harness is very well made and if I knew WTH I was doing it would have only taken about 20 minutes but instead…well you know.
Anyway here’s what it looks light with the lights on. The building at the end of the road is about 450 yards away for reference… Nice upgrade!
Well we have a few big trips planned this year so I want to get the Gladiator completely ready for the adventure. I upgraded the steering stabilizer with the AEV / Bilstein one and it minimizes the wandering I had been experiencing. Highly recommend!

I have 2 more items to go and then we’ll be ready for our first trip which will be Southern Utah / Nevada!
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