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You don’t need an expensive radio. You don’t need the latest test-prep book. And you definitely don’t need to know Morse Code. If you don’t have your amateur (aka: ham) radio license, I’d like to share the cheap and easy way I got started. All-in, I’ve invested $100 in equipment, training, testing, and licensing.
This piece might bore some experienced hams, but it’s not for the experienced hams. This one’s for adventurists like us, outdoor enthusiasts who:

Want the security and peace of mind that comes with reliable communication gear
Don’t want to spend a bunch of time and money on something they’ll seldom use
Know ham radio is the right tool for the job, but just want an easy step-by-step

It took me almost 10 years to figure this out.
I was first exposed to amateur radio while volunteering at various stage rally races in the desert southwest. Rally racing often takes place out in the countryside; Arizona deserts, Colorado mountains, New England forests. While cell phone...
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