Heard some music today that sent me


I call today’s country “tractor rap”.

What was depressing was at a store the other day and the Nirvana cover of a David Bowie song came on the overhead music.
Just in case you need another excuse to claw your ears off, try gangsta grass. I clicked on it wondering what it was... :hurl
Let's see if I can contribute something worthwhile here...


And for something totally different. These guys do Bluegrass(ish) covers of rap music. Some of which is pretty good. This however is an original song from them:

If you find yourself curious seek out their cover of Gin and Juice.
When the Gourds broke up, Kevin Russell formed Shinyribs. They are one of the most fun live bands we’ve ever seen. Probably seen them 20 times.

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Great stuff here!

Here' my contribution from a relatively new band: Perpetual Groove. Put this song on when you are deep in the outback cruising on a 20+ mph track.

17 minutes of heaven!



Surfing Craigslist, listening to music I have never heard... Awesome! Thanks, guys! I'm really liking Whiskey Myers.

So, I will toss this out - Check out the movie - Wheeler. Great movie, and the music is really good.
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