DefconBrix :: Aggressive Overland Build :: '13 Tacoma + Trailer

Stopped to take a few photos of some deer hanging out in a field next to some train tracks...
No record breakers but I always love seeing any kind of wildlife roaming around.

and the walk back to the truck... my truck :D

Here is a video we shot last week (before the all this weeks updates happened)

My buddy Max Daines shot this quick little teaser — so many more videos on/offroad camping etc coming soon :D

and for all of you waiting to here the MBRP exhaust...

The New Side profile. So much cleaner!

I will be putting on Bushwacker flares next and trimming them a little less than what I currently have done. When at full flex/tuck I have some extra space that I wanted to fill in — so I had Pelfreybilt build my rear hi-clearance bumper to my new trim lines (about 1" less will be trimmed off the rear). If you haven't worked with them yet, they are pretty amazing to deal with with. I placed my order a little over 8 weeks ago and they verified my new trim lines with me probably 3 times before making the cuts to make sure it was going to be exactly what I needed.


I also added one of these sweet RoadShowers this past weekend. When I first ran across it I figured it would be a great way to have water since I haven't added the tanks to my trailer yet and for only $299 I figured it was worth a shot. Well the verdict is in and I freaking love it! Pressurized with a small bike pump and holds 4.5 gallons. Heats up to about 115 degrees also.


Cool shot of the lights on (during the day lol).
I have been wanting an Rigid Amber light bar for a while for those dusty conditions when the white is just too bright but finding a place to mount it and keeping the clean recessed look I go for again lead me right to Pelfreybilt with their integration of a light bar mount in the bumper.

The smaller fog light holes also keep the overall look extremely sleek. I added the Rigid Industries DOT/SAE fog lights to them and holy shit they are amazing!

- - - Updated - - -

On the drive from CA to AZ.

Whenever I see an old building that I might be able to walk through and explore I always take the next exit and prolong my trip. If it has a spot to grab a couple photos that is of course a plus :D

Rigid SRQ2 flush mounts on both the trailer and Pelfreybilt hi-clearance rear bumper keeping the back plenty bright at night.

A lot has happened since I was on last... Sorry for the absence!

Here are some updated photos from the trip I am currently on.
Not exactly much of an adventure as it is a road trip and work unfortunately.
I'm trying to get in a little exploring in between the work.
The truck is all geared up though. I finally attached my accessory mounts on the rack. Awning, Hi-Lift and Axe.

I am hoping to get out of the Expo a little early on Sunday and start making my way back to Utah hitting some dirt roads and some small fishing holes. Make the trip home more of an adventure even though I'm anxious to get home to the family.

If you're in the market for a small boat though seriously check out FLYCRAFT, they are a small company based in Utah and this boat is incredible. Tons of videos of it in use on their site.

I guess I can post a few more photos of the FlyCraft at Utah Lake, about 10 minutes from my house.
Great place to feel like you're away from it all, even if its only for an evening or afternoon — just have to make sure to cake on the bug spray!

This boat is seriously amazing. I was against an inflatable at first but this things is as durable as can be. My dog goes in it with.

If you're in the market for a new watercraft these are absolutely worth checking out!

- - - Updated - - -

With the family at some no name mountain lake we found while camping.

Very excited to be apart of this tight knit community of enthusiasts and so happy meeting so many of you at the 2014 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous.

Starting off with a brand new truck I wasn't sure how far I would take this but as you watch this build progress you will see I didn't cut any corners.
I am absolutely an outdoorsman so building this Tacoma with the now popular "Overland Style" was right in line with my lifestyle and goals for the truck that gets me there.

Just to clarify, I didn't build this for rock crawling, jumping or purposely beating up, although it is fully capable for when those times do arise... This is the rig that helps me explore our country, get into areas others can not and is also my daily driver.

Most recent photo as of Aug 9, 2015

I keep going back and forth on a full wrap with some subtle graphics or camo... The urge to do this usually comes after a weekend of trails and I come home to find the sides riddled with new scratches — some too deep to buff out unfortunately. Stay tuned for more on this...


I couldn't keep it completely stock for too long (I managed to wait 2 months) so I immediately put on a 3" Pro-Comp Level Kit with 285/70/17 Toyo Tires Open Country AT2's on 17x8 Method Race Wheels Standards.

Shortly after that things started getting a little more serious...

...and how she sits right now.

* trying to figure out ways to get better fuel economy...

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

I have added links to each so you can easily find out more information.

Pelfreybilt Offroad Aluminum Front Bumper with no hoops
Pelfreybilt Offroad Hi-Clearance Rear Bumper
Pelfreybilt Offroad IFS Aluminum Skid
Pelfreybilt Offroad Rock Sliders with Top Plates

All-Pro +2 Long Travel Kit
Fox 2.5 DSC Coilovers

All-Pro Expedition Leaf Pack
All-Pro U-bolt flip kit

Fox 2.0 Adj Res shocks
Timbren Bumpstops

ARE Z-Series shell with all the options!
CVT 55" awning (with mesh kit)
FrontRunner Outfitters Slimline 2 roofrack
ARB 63qt fridge/freezer
FrontRunner wolf pack storage boxes
TruckVault All-Weather Standard Height
CargoGlide 600XL — deck is covered with Line-X done by Line-X of Midvale.
Zamp Solar 160 watt portable solar panels
RoadShower 4.5 gallon pressurized water tank
FrontRunner Stainless Steel Folding Table
CampChef cooking station

Warn Zeon 10s winch
Factor 55 Flatlink and Fairlead
ARB Premium Recovery Kit
Front Runner Sand Lizard Rescue Trax

17x8.5 Method Race Wheels 105 series beadlocks
35x12.50x17 Toyo Open Country R/T

Rechelon Aesthetics RetroFits - Custom Camo and 1 of a Kind
Rigid Industries DOT/SAE foglights
Rigid Industries Grill w/20" SR bar
Rigid Industries 20" SR Amber lightbar
Rigid Industries 40" SR2 bar
Rigid Industries (6) rock light kit
Rigid Industries SRQ2 flush mounts
Anti-Dark hood light kit
All Lighting is controlled by the SE Touchscreen sPOD

ARB air lockers front and rear
Nitro 4.88 gears
ARB Twin Air Compressor
Max Coupler Off-Road Hitch
Bushwacker fender flares (trimmed 3")
Cab Mount Chop & Inner Fender Massaging for proper 35" fit
Odyssey Battery
TrekPak lined TruckVault and Center Console
Victor Axe & Tool Limited Edition Black Axe and Hatchet
Yeti Coolers bottle opener mounted on the rear bumper

Rockford Fosgate POWER slim sub, components and amps
custom fiberglass box built by SoundWarehouse in SLC

BullyDog Tuner
MBRP cat-back single side black exhaust
Custom Y-Pipe with the Exhaust Tip dumped out over the Axle

Katzkin full leather custom Tuscany leather/suede interior w/Degreez heated & cooled seats!

FlyCraft Inflatable Boat — absolutely my favorite watercraft!
Other than the boat just basic fishing equipment for Bass and Trout

ARB Snorkel
Topper EZ Lift
Aluminum Pelfreybilt skids
Suspension upgrades
and when I hit the lottery maybe a diesel conversion :D

It all just makes my time spent outdoors more enjoyable.

How are the Timbren bumps treating you?
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