Bubba Rope Vs. Yankum Rope

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Hey all,

I have been using a 7/8' Bubba rope for a few years now and I finally managed to damage it a few weeks ago in Anza pulling some folks out of the mud (I'm leaning to never go off trail with anyone whom does NOT have recovery point on their rigs). I love the kinetic recovery ropes and want to replace it, but with other options out there has anyone used Yamkum? Only reason I'm looking to change is the Yankum rope thickness is 1-1/2" (piece of mind) for a 26000 pull and the they have a protective sleeve that you can use in the middle to cut a 30' rope down to 15' rope for tight pulls.

Price is also an issue. The Bubba is $209 and the Yamkum is on sale for $458 (ouch)

Any thoughts on either one?

This is the Bubba rope I have used for years:

Equivalent Yankum

Hey thanks for your interest in Yankum Ropes! Couple things I wanted to touch on real quick. The first was the price. The link you added for Bubba is for a 7/8 in rope and the link for the Yankum Rope was for a 1.5" Cobra. The price is going to be very different between those two. You will want to compare it to the same size 7/8" rope at https://yankum.com/python which starts at $167 for a 20' and $203 for a 30'.

There are some major considerations to make when choosing appropriate recovery gear. 1st is how much space can you allow for the rope. A strap is going to pack up really small compared to a kinetic rope. Another consideration is how many times do you plan on using it and what kind of pulls are going to be doing.

A strap is used for static pulls. You have no run or motion when making the pull, so you have to hope the pulling vehicle has traction. Another consideration with the snatch strap is that they can only be used a certain amount of times before they don't stretch any more. An ARB snatch strap can only be used for 10 pulls. It is much cheaper but, depending on how you plan on using it,it may have a very short lifespan.

The biggest benefit of a kinetic rope is motion. The pulling vehicle can start moving before energy is transferred to the vehicle being recovered. The transfer of energy is slower so it lessens the risks of damage to either vehicle, and increases how much pulling energy can be placed on the vehicle being recovered. In a nutshell, it makes recovering vehicle really fast and really easy, and means you can get back to moving down the trail. Hope this helps! Good luck finding the right rope for you! Feel free to reach out any time with any other questions.
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