Air Compressor Options?


Here’s another portable option

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No, that's the exact same one we've been talking about, and that I gave the link to a couple posts previously on this thread (see post #13); the ARB twin. $872 price tag for the ARB twin.

The Air Ammo also comes with a solid sturdy case (in this case, a steel weather-tight ammo can). And when in use, the ammo can lid is open so the compressor is getting air for cooling. I don't know of any others that come with a hard case - although I haven't extensively searched.

Some of the VIAIR compressors come with a soft case (which sometimes makes storing them in your vehicle easier).
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I am running a Extreme Outback HD compressor on my Tundra, it's mounted between the back bumper and spare tire with a 2 Gal tank Works great! and on my Jeep I bought a AC compressor and turned it into a air compressor pretty bas ass!
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