2023 Mountain Rendezvous Camp Cooking Competition and Potluck Sponsored by Tembo Tusk

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It's time for the Camp Cooking Competition & Potluck Dinner!

Saturday at 1700we will hold the WORLD FAMOUS Rendezvous Camp Cooking Competition & Potluck Dinner.

Rules for the potluck portion:
Please bring enough food to feed your crew.
Provide your own tray/plate, utensils and napkins (sleeves are an acceptable substitute).
Nothing wrong with store bought dishes.

If you're planning on competing you MUST cook at the main fire ring, though the use of charcoal is NOT guaranteed. Prep work done at home is acceptable. No open flame allowed anywhere else on site. Hopefully fire restrictions won't get too severe.

All forms of cooking are open to the competition. Dutch Oven, Skottle, BBQ, MOJOE griddle, frying pan, etc.

We'd like for everyone to have the opportunity to see your creations being made and hopefully learn to be even better cooks out on the trail, so cooking must be done at the main fire ring by the stage.


This applies if you are serving from your cooking station or will be placing your dish on the main row of tables. Decorate your voting tins anyway you wish to attract votes. When you sign up for the Cooking Competition with me at the checkin station I'll assign you a number.

Make sure your voting tin has the number and dish name on the tin. This will ensure that votes are tabulated correctly.


Voting will be the same as before; everyone will get THREE voting tickets to put into the voting tins of the competitors dish. One, two, or all three votes as you see fit. Competitors CAN (and hopefully will) vote for their own dish. Children get a vote as well, but parents please help them out.



Please see me at the check in booth up until 1400 on Saturday to give me the exact title of your dish. I will assign you a number to put on your voting tin. Please let me know when you register if you'll be placing your dish on the main tables and how much room you'll need, i.e. chill AND cornbread spots or if you'll be serving from your cooking station.

Replying to this thread is appreciated to build excitement for the competition and stoke rivalries to ramp up performance. You will still need check in with me at the checkin booth prior to 1400 Saturday to get on the competitors list. Votes for dishes that have not been registered WILL NOT be counted.

After the last call for voting has been made it will be up to each competitor to bring their voting tin to the checkin station for counting. You will receive your extra raffle ticket at this time.

It is bad form to show up on Saturday at 1700 with an empty food tray and not have contributed to the potluck or being a competitor in the Competition.

To ensure a well-balanced meal, if y'all post up in this thread I'll provide a compiled list as to what is coming, i.e. MAIN, SIDE, or DESSERT. If we appear to be heavy on, say side dishes, please consider bringing a dessert for example. This only applies to the POTLUCK.

The COOKOFF COMPETITION entries are whatever y'all are skilled at making.

Again, replying here does not mean you are signed up for the competition. You MUST sign up with me at the checkin station prior to 1400 Saturday.

EDIT: Helpful hint for competitors. The more you make, the more people get a chance to try your dish, the greater number of voters you reach. You may make the best cobbler in the world, but if only 4 folks get to try it you limit the number of votes you can get. I'm not telling anyone what to do, but my hint helps competitors and makes sure nobody goes hungry.

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Hold up now, everybody knows that you get one raffle ticket just for showing up with an RSVP.

Now you're saying that you can get a SECOND raffle ticket for participating in this Camp Cooking Competition, so it’s easy to get at least TWO raffle tickets for the BIG drawing?

But wait! There's more...

If you WIN the Camp Cooking competition as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place you will win one of three prizes offered just for the Camp Cooking competition.


So that's like THREE chances to win something just for being a stand-up guy/gal and participating in the Camp Cookoff on Saturday night!
I'm cooking a main dish. Stir Fry-combo Fried rice. I'll make half of it spicy.

::edit:: In case of allergies, It's going to have beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, eggs, green onion, sprouts, other veggies, soy sauce.

Just want to make sure I everyone is safe.
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How long do we have to cook? What hours?
If I make chili, it’s 4 hours. If I’m warming it up 1/2 hour.
if I want 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place it will be 12 hours
Looks like 2 hours according to the schedule, which limits what we can do.

You have more than 2 hrs. Prep work like (not cooking) can be done at home then mixed at camp to cook and complete your dish. We have had folks cook 4 and 5 hrs (including me before I was staff, your welcome @TACMEDIC), just like you to do it at the main fire ring. Make sure all classes are completed or that you are out of the way of said classes.
Remember if you are serving from your cooking station or on the provided tables to have your own provided voting cup for tickets. You can decorate it however (in good taste, no pun) you feel like. All food must be fully cooked and ready to serve by 1700 (5:00PM) and either at your cooking station or on the provided tables. You provide your serving utensil, sides, condiments, etc for your dish.
At this time NO open flames like wood or charcoal is allowed. Propane/Butane are okay.
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