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2023 Desert Rendezvous: Official Thread

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Comm Plan:

146.520 simplex calling
147.585 simplex for chit chat

Ch 38 for calling

FRS for short range Ch 3 tone 8
GMRS Ch 16
Hey y’all
We can’t make it so please fill our spot and Dave if you can give our swag to Monty Sauser we’d appreciate it.
The staff is currently offline and in transit to the event site in AZ.

As of this post Wednesday morning we are closing down the RSVP list.

No further changes will be made as we transition into DESERT MODE!
There’s a big left turn on the main gravel road near camp. This is the turn to the right and onto the trail. You’ll see these signs, this is the correct route to camp.




***If you miss this turn and pass THIS sign, you are going the wrong way! ***


When you leave the main dirt road and hit
the correct trail… look for this sign and turn left towards camp. At this point you are within 1000 meters of camp. When you see our banners pick a spot and camp!

I want to thank everyone who purchased a (limited edition) patch at the 2023 Desert Rendezvous. You raised $600 that will be donated to address California desert issues. Thank You for your help keeping the gates open. In California and in turn for the rest of our country.

2023 AAV DRV.png
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Share some info on this sticker too please.

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Heraldry from Prometheus Design Werx. Some versions of this design may also include the Latin phrase “Ignem Feram”.

IGNEM FERAM translates from latin as "I Shall Bear Fire." It is similar to the phrase "Carry the Fire," and is used to express a commitment to being a source of hope, inspiration, and good will. The graphic is both a figurative and literal interpretation inspired by this declaration, and visually, by some medieval motifs found in heraldry.
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