2020 Jeep Gladiator


This could be outfitted like the 79 Series is outfitted in Africa for what I would consider the ultimate long range Overland vehicle.

Here's a video of how Bushlore takes their 79 Series and add some AluCab goodies to create this great vehicle...



Here is some additional info from the Jeep Gladiator forum..

Q: When will pricing be announced?
A: Closer to when the vehicle goes on sale in Q2 of 2019

Q: When should we expect delivery?
A: Q2 of 2019

Q: When should we expect the diesel Gladiator?
A: In 2020 (calendar year)

Q: What are major mechanical differences between JT Gladiator and JL Wrangler?
  • All new frame
    • Longer and different construction
    • High-strength steel inserts
    • Frame-mounted class 4 trailer hitch with a two-inch receiver and seven-pin trailer connectivity
  • Heavier duty axles
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Longer transmission tunnel
  • Longer brake lines
  • Steel truck bed
  • Unique rear suspension
  • Hydraulic “hydro" mounts between frame and body (tuned to manage energy)
  • Hydraulic “hydro” engine mounts
  • Larger brakes (front brakes identical to Wrangler, but the rears are larger)
  • Different wheels (can handle more payload and towing than factory Wrangler wheels)
  • Gladiator meets SAE J2807 tow test requirements
  • Larger grille openings to allow more cooling
  • Higher wattage fan (800W) to allow more cooling

Q: Can you tell us more about the Gladiator’s rear suspension?
A: The rear suspension is unique to the Gladiator. It’s a 5-link suspension like the Wrangler, but borrows the upper control arms, lower control arms and track bar from the 2019 Ram 1500. So the rear suspension is a meld of the Wrangler and Ram 1500 suspensions.

Q: Will the Gladiator receive exclusive colors? Will any be available at launch?
A: Yes, exclusive colors will include Hydro Blue, Gobi and Gator. Hydro Blue will be available at launch and the others will be later availability.

Q: Will there be optional rear locking differential for non-Rubicon models?
A: Yes

Q: Is spray on bedliner available?
A: Yes, it’s available from factory and sprayed in-house at the Toledo plant. It carries a factory warranty for as long as the vehicle warranty.

Q: Do the different Gladiator models have different towing and payload capacity?
A: Yes, please see the Gladiator tech specs sheet.

Q: Does the Gladiator come with an integrated brake controller?
A: No, it comes standard with an integrated trailer sway controller which helps control vehicle/trailer swaying. If the vehicle senses the back end swaying, ESC will clamp down and control it.

Q: Will there be a Mopar brake controller unit available?
A: Yes, there will be a Mopar brake controller module which simply plugs into the factory AUX ports and provides brake controller function.

Q: Are there any driving comfort improvements made over the JL Wrangler?
A: Ride quality and steering are both similar to the JL. Several improvements had to be made to achieve this — longer wheelbase, unique rear suspension geometry, shock placement, hydro (hydraulic) mounts between frame and body tuned to manage energy, and engine hydro mounts.

Q: What size spare tire can be carried under truck bed?
A: Up to a 35” tire. Anything larger will require modification.

Q: Will there be a bed extender available?
A: No bed extender will be available. But, the tailgate in the half-open position does provide some extension and it can support 1800 pounds in this position.

Other notes:
  • The underseat storage cubby / carrier is removable via four bolts (same bolts as hardtop).
  • Backseats can be locked with a key (using same key as center console and glove compartment).
  • Front facing off-road camera will feature grid lines.
  • There is a Gladiator specific Easter egg ("❤️ 419") in every bed.


I like this! I may swap the JL for a JT in a couple years. I really would like to replace the top with an Alu =cab!
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