2018 Lexus GX build

Wanting but not needing the Rhino rack short bat wing awning had me repurposing my ARB 1.2 meter awning off the back of the GX. With the swing out right door and using the awning wind break (not pictured) I should have decent wind/sun/weather protection. I’ll end up purchasing the bat wing eventually but the ARB will suffice in the mean time.

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Nice build, how are you liking the suspension so far? We just picked up a 2007 GX470 a couple weeks ago.
I really like it. Smooth road manners, no harsh impacts on road. The rear is setting a bit high currently due to a lack of weight in the cargo area.

The front springs I ordered are constant load of 700 lbs and the rear springs are 850 lbs constant load. The Radflo shocks were valved to these specs as well. The trac bar/panhard bar is designed around the KDSS system to not contact any part of the suspension through full travel. I have cycled it in the garage using a floor jack, checking clearances and was impressed with the design work that went into it. I have read on other forums about other brands having contact issues at the extremes.

I haven't had the opportunity to take it on the trail yet as the local OHV areas are closed and anything above 3000' in buried in 6' of snow. Even if they were open I'd be apprehensive as I am still waiting on rock sliders and more importantly belly skids. There is a lot of exposed parts on the belly, even the gas tank only has a half skid plate (WTH)!

I have a Truckvault (190 lbs) drawer/platform that is complete but the company is currently not performing installations due to CV-19 and all the equipment that is to be stored will settle the rear springs down along with the aforementioned armor.

I have to say the thing I enjoy the most is the V8. After 20+ years in a Gen 1 Taco its a nice feeling to hit the throttle and go.
Installed a few little items this weekend. Ditch lights and brackets, bumper lights and mounted the solar panel. Waiting on Redarc BCDC charger and sPOD to wire everything up. I did manage to wire up and check my radio comms. Ordered a different antenna for my HAM. Longer cable to route out the back door to the roof.
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Picked up my Demello sliders from powder coat this morning. I have had a buddies shop perform the vast majority of my projects powder coating with great quality and durability. When I buy a part if powder coating is optional I always choose no.
They will be going on Friday. Prior to installation I’ll be applying Cor-Ban 35 to areas that won’t get a regular washing. Cor-Ban 35 is a corrosion inhibiting compound commonly used in aviation. Typically lasts about a year and requires reapplication.

2B4C375E-5252-4855-8A8C-D5312CFCD5E1.jpeg DE4E30C7-A7E3-4F2D-BCFB-C3B63327B4B1.jpeg
Demello rock sliders went on this weekend, no drama with the installation. The Demello’s have 4 legs and a large plate that attach to the frame with no less that 12 bolts and fabricated from DOM steel. The transmission jack has been invaluable for solo work with heavy parts.

7C4E512D-3054-4E30-A614-BE42D5F2D3E3.jpeg 1440B3C0-AA11-4729-A0A3-69C1898315EC.jpeg 572A207C-F3A6-48FA-B210-50CB43AFE00A.jpeg 25F887DE-5192-4445-A567-3F6F50B52764.jpeg CD2C9A75-47AB-4B2E-9694-E526A2D3EC3E.jpeg

Lag bolted a 42” 2x8 to the jack cradle and a couple of quick clamps to keep in place.
Cut up this plywood for a camping trip to DNR land on the east side of the mountains next weekend. I have some anchor points arriving this week. I’ll lag them down to the plywood along with my fridge slide.

Just need to secure my load. My Truckvault is done just waiting on the lockdown of business to ease a bit to pick it up.

My daughter came over to give me a hand catching the plywood from the table saw and lend a hand putting it, old school!! 30444A17-71D5-4A2A-90F4-5B66D8565330.jpeg
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