2018 Lexus GX build

My WeatherTech window covers and front floor mats arrived Saturday. I am impressed with the fit and quality of the items. The floor mats will protect the carpet quit well. The widow covers can be seen in the previous post.

ED400ACA-3DAC-480A-AB64-87683938F936.jpeg 5017B8F8-07DC-481B-96C0-64D38B5DBAFB.jpeg
The final bit of work this weekend was the removal, cut and reinstallation of the remaining plastic trim from the running boards. I have Demello rock sliders on order and may need to trim the plastic more for fitment.

2969FFA5-6E5B-43D4-B1F7-A86325E3B757.jpeg EAF0BB11-B311-4F6F-A6A9-973B7EB166A0.jpeg B2A531E2-C8E7-46B2-8374-CB8434A9ADAD.jpeg DB7DCC8A-61AA-468A-A60A-312105013B9A.jpeg 264DE35C-97FA-4E05-87DF-95605506C906.jpeg E120E2C2-3A21-454D-A728-6F13F3AFE056.jpeg


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The Kaon table came straight from Australia. The shipping was almost as much as the table. I went this direction because everything else would have been a compromise.

The instructions for the table just have you install sheet metal screws directly in to the rear door plastic. Not satisfied with that I purchased some stainless bolts and through bolted it with large fender washers on the back side.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the table and the rubber isolation used to keep it from rattling. The proof will be in the details once I run some washboard roads.

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That‘s a great mod and way to go getting exactly what you want.
Suspension is on order, supposedly takes three weeks to build the shocks from Radflo. I‘m ok with this but with all the restrictions in limited travel I’m guessing this will stretch the time line.


I went with Sonoran Steel for a few reasons.

1) I’ve know Steve for a few years. Helped out with my Taco suspension build and my daughters 4Runner.

2) One of two companies that would talk with me about spring rates and valving the shocks as needed for the rates. A few of the big name guys wouldn’t even respond to email.

3) The trac bar/pan hard bar is the only one on the market built to work with KDSS. I’ve read in several places that the kit being sold for GX 460/4Runner don‘t work with KDSS and the trac bar makes contact at full droop and compression.

After having to reconfigure my Taco rear suspension twice and front coil shock combo three times I wanted to get it right the first time.
More provisions arrived yesterday. I have long been a fan of Front Runner due to all the optional accessories available and if I don’t like what they offer I can fabricate what I want and bolt it on.

I had one on my Taco for years and made my own Maxtrax holder, side camp light brackets, shovel and ax holders as well.

I have two build schedules. Weekends for large projects that consume numerous hours. Day to day projects when I have an hour or two before or after work.

I started my HAM radio installation. The GX doesn’t offer great spaces to place items so it
won’t look tacky.

I fabricated a simple bracket to mount the control head forward of the shifter handle and a base plate that will reside under the passenger seat for the base unit. Both formed out of 2024T3 .063.

D1C46F2B-56D9-425C-8E3E-3341C1D603BE.jpeg F9338410-9EA3-41EB-96ED-6DD53032129F.jpeg 909D3A89-6602-47C8-B090-70457F25E3B7.jpeg 31198E55-1735-40EC-B0F5-18F336A7B723.jpeg 904DE387-D871-4CE2-945E-9E5C85783C0D.jpeg E9C9A4EF-1370-4A17-9550-986F92BF44C7.jpeg B645052C-0030-42FC-AA01-8EBA29316711.jpeg 8AEB2073-34AE-4791-94B6-C000111F403D.jpeg
I decided to put a joggle on the aft right seat mount bolt area to accommodate carpet and padding.

This is one of those day to day projects that I'll work progressively over a week or two, one or two hours Monday - Thursday.
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So last weekend had me installing the Ironman Premium bumper. This is a “cut” bumper meaning the plastic factory bumper cover is cut and retained in some areas. Mind you this bumper is designed for the Land Cruiser Prado 150 and they are not exactly the same as a Lexus GX 460 150 very similar but not exactly. Some installation difficulty ensued. The power steering line that runs in front and at the bottom of the radiator needs to be rerouted and brackets modified, bolt orientation needs to swapped opposing directions due to thread contact on the radiator which has to be displaced. The parking sensor orientation has to be considered as well. That being stated Chris from Ironman warned me it was a full weekend install. He was not wrong with that statement. The final result did come out quite well. I am a Airframe and Power Plant mechanic by trade so my level of scrutiny is at a higher intensity than yours may be.

873CA24F-DB97-4988-9121-29DF9428E637.jpeg 80514222-36D4-453A-9A4E-BDFF15530651.jpeg C7DCB11C-5846-4464-B1C6-8E0A41326ED3.jpeg

All said and done I removed 67 lbs of factory bumper parts, approximately half the weight of the new winch bumper.
So with the bumper installed I was ready for the winch. I have long been a fan of Warn and having worked with them on demos at various overland shows in the PNW they were the obvious choice for this build. Come Up was a close second but Warn's customer service is outstanding and the Zeon platform is hard to beat. IP 68 rated and still made in the USA. I went with the 10s, s designating synthetic winch line.

Synthetic winch line that I wont be using, Warn's Spydura line is a quality product but I prefer to use Safe Xtract Plasma rope instead. The Safe Xtract is 60' long 7/16" diameter and has a MTS of 21,000 lbs. Why only 60'? Winches only pull at rated power on the first layer of wraps on the drum, thus having only to pull 50'or so off the drum to get to maximum capacity vs 90' of the Spydura. I can add a winch extension if I need more length. A Factor 55 Flatlink E will be attached to the end for a closed loop system.

Fitting the Zeon into the cradle was no easy task. I had approximately 6 3/4" of space and the winch with the control pack removed is 7 3/4". Ironman really wants to sell you one of there winches to make an easy installation.

There is a stamped piece that attached to the remaining bumper cover that was going to need be removed to make room. After consideration and a cup of coffee I chose to drill out two spot weld and unbolt the remainder of the bracket. If need be I can bolt the whole assembly back in.

841D4A88-FF4D-49F2-B0B3-CC5BF0DF74E8.jpeg 5749F09E-CB54-4D8F-ACB3-81F021BE9C22.jpeg 4E4036C7-95DA-4AFD-8A63-83E1AAD53D32.jpeg
Once the bracket was removed the winch slipped right in. The next issue was to locate a place for the control pack that would minimize airflow impact to the radiator. This also made it super simple to connect the wired remote. YES wired remote, I am not a fan of wireless controllers and prefer KISS.

The Warn relocation kit came with a bracket that needed a bit of manipulation, a bend here and a cut there and the control pack found a new home. I located 4 mount holes on the bumper and made a couple spacers for the front angle and bolted it down.

FCD6B634-AE6F-4CE4-87C0-43F712153770.jpeg D9F4A4F2-ACBB-485E-8A0B-F4888E01A096.jpeg 83349EE7-EF10-4C6B-BA1A-ACF08CE981B8.jpeg 1AC82B04-0B39-4537-A662-61356A732722.jpeg 2B1F4C9D-DAA3-477D-B3E5-6EB175017A44.jpeg
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