2017 Mountain Rendezvous SWAP MEET

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I have a couple of butane stoves that we used on one road trip and then I went in a different direction for our cooking. This is the listing showing the specs. Looking for $40 and I can include at least 6 full butane canisters.


I also have a Hi-Lift jack base. Unused but kept in my van. Selling for $20. This is the one here:

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Hey guys, I'm newer to this group but thought id share this here. I'm an active member on tacoma world and sell onboard water systems. They are designed for the Tacoma but with some creativity can easily be retrofitted to just about any vehicle. They are normally $200 shipped but i will offer them at $170 this weekend at mrv. If you are interested let me know so i can bring enough. Details here:


*note that I have 1 portable ammo can version available which will be $210. Details on last few pages of linked thread
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