2017 Mountain Rendezvous SWAP MEET

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Post items you have for sale (no vendors, please). If claimed, bring them to Mountain Rendezvous for the buyer or the buyer's proxy.

I'll start: I have a smaller Pelican case 1550. It's like a suitcase size. Was used for scuba gear and then camp kitchen gear. It's in great condition. $50 obo. Trades welcome.
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I have a couple of things.

SOLD to @Herbie 1 viar 400c compressor. Only been used a few times but has been carried in the truck about 2 years. Runs about 160 on amazon would love to get $80
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2 drawer platform out of the truck. 3/4 plywood construction with 2 drawers in the back and 2 lift off hatches on the front. Not really anything special was built as a temp solution that back me permanent but now I have to reconfigure the truck to make room for a larger carseat. Must pick up in Chino $25 or a 6 pack of non IPA craft beer. Will get full measurements if someone is interested
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Ragasco fibre propane tank. I bought this new a while ago and it has never been filled, it was put into storage and forgotten about. This manufacturer was not part of the recal on fibre tanks but will need recertification when it is filled. $40

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Sportz SUV tent brand new in the box. $339 on Amazon looking for $180
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I need to go look in the garage see what else I have

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I am reminded that I never got off my butt and listed this for sale after last year's Rendezvous! Can deliver to Rendezvous for a ready buyer, but it's big enough that I'm not going to bring it just for "tire kicking".

Norseman Apollo Aluminum Hard-case Awning - 8' - $200 OBO

97" long x 5.5" high x 3" deep

Deployed Awning Fabric:
80" deep x 86" wide

This is a hard-case spring-retracting awning in the style of a Fiamma, etc. All aluminum construction. The legs are extra long and can go to ground or into body-mounted clips for a totally "self-contained" deployment:

(photo from the donor van I originally inherited this from)

This awning is probably 20 years old, hence the deeply discounted price (compare to a new Fiamma in this size would be over $800). Despite the age, the fabric is in excellent condition. It would also be easy to replace, when the time comes, since the awning uses standard "rope grooves" and the rigid frame will hold it open against the roller-spring. I am including the body clips for the legs (harvested from donor but never mounted to my new van), but no mounting brackets (the GTRV-specific brackets shaped to fit under the pop-top re-used for my new awning).

This is a solid workhorse awning with a generous shade patch (deeper than all but the newest extra-long ARB awnings). We used this every time we went out, but last summer switched to an ARB awning because the wife demanded a bug-screen room and the ARB "system" fit the bill.

Known issues:
  • Technically this awning is one-person deployable, with practice, but two makes it much easier to manage the legs, etc.
  • Case originally included a spring latch in the middle but it was bent by previous owner and interfered with van slider door, so it's been removed. Clip-and-spring tension keeps the case closed just fine, but I've typically put a velcro-wrap around the case just to ensure it doesn't come open on trail.
  • Installation will require 2-people minimum, you must deploy the awning "flat" in order to access the inside of the case to fit fasteners to your brackets:

PM Me with any questions. If this doesn't move at MRV, I will (try to remember to) post separately for sale/pickup in San Diego. If you prefer to pick up at my house (RPQ), and come with brackets attached to your roof rack/rig, I will help you install it.
Making space in my house, van, and storage shed. Here is a listing of my items. I will accept PayPal ahead of the event or cash at the event.

Mr Heater Portable Buddy - model MH9BX - new in unopened box - $50 sold to Jayrat

ARB air compressor - model CKMTP-12 - this is the twin motor with tank in the Pelican style case - with hose, regulator, & blowgun - used but in fine working shape - $400 sold

Front Runner Potjie dutch oven - #3 size with a roof Holder bracket - unused & only opened box to take pictures - $75 sold to 73IHC

Basecamp Aqua Cube Companion - 18,000 BTU hot water heater/pump/shower system with travel bag - used but in fine working condition - $50

Step22Gear Tembo Tusk Skottle Kit - Skottle & legs, burner, windscreen, Step22Gear storage bag plus Step22Gear All Weather Cover - used maybe 5 times - $200 sold to 73IHC
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I've got a few items I'm ready to part with.

Slumberjack XL cot - $30 SOLD

Coleman Cot - $10 SOLD

NTK Potty tent - $20 SOLD

PM me or see me at the Xterra Club corral at MRV.
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