What is American Adventurist?


Senior Staff
American Adventurist was founded as a way to bring friends together to share our common passion for vehicle based adventure travel and environmentally responsible outdoor recreation.

Since 2010, we’ve worked with the community of interest at the national level, bringing like minded people together for weekend adventures ranging from overland style trips, remote camping, 4WD training, and our flagship Rendezvous events.

We have an enduring commitment to give back to the local community at every Rendezvous event we host. Held in unique environments and steeped in the region’s local flavor, our community events share our core values with a focus on friends, family, and an active outdoor lifestyle.

We are passionate about learning, and teaching new people how to do things right. From packing out what we pack in and Tread Lightly! principles, to stewardship of our public lands and helping each other out. For us it's less about the gear or what you drive and more about the PEOPLE we choose to travel with.

Adventurists turn to us online when searching for new destinations to explore, researching a gear or vehicle purchase, and for a little day-to-day inspiration to get them through the grind. See #AmericanAdventurist on social media for more inspiring content.

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