Vehicle / Platform choices???


I would check with the other 200 owners here and on Mud for tire recommendations. Having been researching 200s for purchase I noticed a few guys switched from KO2s to something else. KO2s are supposed be good but more prone to chunking than some others from what I have heard from others and the 200 is a heavy vehicle.

I have the original BFG ATs on my van and was considering the Cooper ST Maxx or General X3s as both have good reviews with the Maxx having more reviews.

On the 200 I am running Nitto Ridge Grapplers and so far like them. I wasn't overly clear in my post, but I am looking into different tires for the trailer only, and not sure if I want to match the vehicle.


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Never thought that way, interestingly enough I have considered a bright orange.
You could do bright orange stripes on a 30* angle. Make them about 3-4" wide. Gives a high vis pattern without looking like a giant pumpkin.


A little play on words on my previous post, but this is what I am planning to add to the trailer. This is a crude photoshop... I will add an interior set up and room for one to sleep on the bottom and two up top when the canopy is open. Haven't fully decided what to do with the gap on the front, obviously the nose box will still lift up. I am thinking to add some type of cabinet to that space for miscellaneous storage / electronics cabinet. I will have a diesel heater, 12 volt hot water, sink some straight forward cabinets and a bench seat for three of us to eat inside if the weather gets bad.
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