Looking for the turnoff for Hideout Canyon overlook I turned down this river road. Luckily as it got deeper I managed to turn around before it became inescapable. It was literally flooded everywhere. I have a great little video from there.
I was told by a ranger that even though I was there the week before Memorial Day, that they don't get as many tourists because the weather can be unpredictable although it was perfect when I was there. There also exists a very sizable marina where many have their huge yachts moored. I got invited onto one. I met the people because their ship was being moved out of dry dock and being towed by a big beautiful military 5-ton.
After spending some time in Moab now. I kind of want to go back to Pleasant Creek and do that trail with the Power Wagon. (If it's open) It would be a fun trip down memory lane. And I'm curious how I'd feel about it now.


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Kodachrome Basin State Park
Originally Kodachrome Flats named after Kodak's trade name for color film by a National Geographic expedition for the September 1949 issue of the magazine.

Great view of Bryce Canyon from camp and backdoor to Grand Staircase-Escalante. First three pics are of Chimney Rock. Note that in some pics you'll see tire tracks going off into the field. The section of the park around Chimney Rock is a working ranch and those were made by the owner.
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