Stubby 2m antenna


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I'm on the hunt for a stubby 2m antenna similar to the photo below. Any one have any information on such a item?

I know range will be diminished but want to use it group comms mostly. Went to Ham Radio Outlet and they are convinced that I need to be a rolling aerial.

So this topic sent me down a rabbit hole of antennas. I've personally run the Firestik I linked above and found it to be a little lacking. It was very difficult to get even an acceptable SWR with it, but there's a lot of factors there so it could have just been my setup.

In doing some digging around I found this COMPACtenna:


7.5 Inches Tall, Power ratings are 85W for 2m, 50w for 220mhz and 50w for 70cm. LINK

Pricey, but seems to have good reviews.
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Nuts, you figured out my plan. I was going to surgically insert it where the sun don't shine on the dude that tries to come along over Mangel Pass in a Subaru......o_O
I know, I know, all jokes aside, as far as dual band antennas are concerned, height equals maximum RX/DX distance. The shorter the antenna, the shorter the RX/DX distance. Put a stubby on a lip mount on the hatch or roof top rack that doesn't clear all the obstructions, you might as well have an HT in the cab of your truck.
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