Partner Steel Stoves

OK old thread but have a question. I tried , for first time, this weekend to use a 1 lb Coleman type canister on mt Partner 22" 2 burner. I used an adapter I purchased on the hose and regulator that came with stove. I see others have used the 1 lb with success. My setup just sputtered and pop and regulation of flame was impossible. Had to borrow friends 20lb to cook. Am I doing something wrong... is there anything else I need? redmondroger at att dot net if easier
Get a different adapter. It is bad.

The first one I had did not work. I purchased a couple of other brand adapters, and they worked fine.
The 1# canisters work fine for my partner stove. I bought 4 legally refillable canisters and the system to fill them. In my trailer I have those 4, a one gallon and 5 gallon container of propane. The big one is dedicated for the furnace, the small ones I use for cooking and my home made portable fire pit. The small butane stove is designed for and includes a hose for propane. Also you can see a battery operated sparker installed on the lower left of the Partner stove.
I called Partner and ordered their adapter. Fingers crossed it will work when I "lighter" pack for solo trips and want my Partner stove.
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