Our GFC V2…Or the Mouser gets a Backpack.

Finally got to mounting up an electrical service box and water pump house up on the back molle panel. I utilized an old pistol box a couple decades old for the electrical and bought an Apache 2800 case from Harbor Freight for the Shurflo water pump. Pretty happy with the results as it ended up as I envisioned and also looks clean. Now I need to relocate the power lead to the rear of the bed and modify some water storage containers.


Electrical service has 4 switches (2 of which I will use to start), a 12v socket and two USB ports.


Water pump housing contains a 3 gpm Shurflo pump and holds the hose and nozzle as well.

Very interested to see what you used and the light output. Looking for a solution to mount under the awning.

Just a mid priced set of RGBs from O’Reillys. The white setting has a little too much blue radiating. Though it does make it less harsh when you flip them on in the pitch black. And they do colors…Michelle likes the purple mode and I can be Tacticool with the red…I’m overlanding now buddy, lol.
In other not so exciting news, as we were walking through Home Depot gathering stuff for a couple of house projects we stumbled across a new version of the Rigid boxes we like. 26” tool roller box, with an extra length of about 4”. With the wheels and extending handle, Michele doesn’t have to jump up into the bed of the truck to access a cargo box. Slide out the handle and roll it out. The original boxes are still stackable and lockable with the 2 new ones we picked up. These are perfect or darn close enough for our purposes.
Nice find! I have two of the chests you show on theft, plus three of the baskets and the thinner toolbox. This larger size means I could probably use it instead of my two chests if I was more judicious in what I pack. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.41.30 PM.png
In the never ending quest to keep stuff up off the floor or stacked on top of each other, I came up with this idea. I picked up two ATV winch mounting plates from Harbor Freight. Price was $6 a piece.


Got some more bed rail nuts and than mounted the plates to the cargo rail. Two Quick Fist than were mounted to the plates and ta-daa there’s a place for that annoying shovel…


And than after slipping a cam strap behind the rear plate theres a place for our camp table instead of it rolling down off the wheel well every time we move a storage box.

A few weeks back while out with the wife doing some holiday shopping I came across a good quality 1” memory foam topper at a pretty discounted price. Grabbed it up, took the old electric knife to it and stuffed it under the mattress sheets of the GFC. The sleeping pads are much more comfortable now. The top still closes easily.

With longer trips in mind, I set out to reuse/rework the old 20 gal potable water tank but keep a cab back mounting system like we have using the Jerry can. Because for us floor space is the best space in a GFC. Some reject poplar glue up panels and some biscuitry and glue and there’s a new enclosure for the tank. Found a new/unused molle panel made by Go Rhino on Marketplace for cheap and snagged that for the cab mount. Some carriage bolts, aluminum angle gussets and carbon grey stain and it’s done.



We only loss 5” of bed length in this configuration but it adds some weight.
Michelle wanted a privacy hut for cleaning up and for the privy. I didn’t want to use our big one because it takes up too much space in the bed. We stumbled onto a en-suite rack mounted one on sale over the 4th so we decided to give one a try.

Used the old mounting hardware from our Eeziawn and with some minor adaptations it worked well. Used a fastener and t-nut in each separate track to spread the load.


Well it’s not too obnoxious and deploys easily enough. It has a pass through window to access stuff in the rear seat which should be handy. Not wild about the logo though…


Added a privacy curtain to the rear hatch window. Utilized adhesive backed phone mounting steel plates for the aluminum door and high magnetic strips sewn into the top and bottom hems of the curtain. Easily to stick up and peel off, it provides privacy while camp is set and keeps looky loos from peeping inside when parked at a trailhead.

Back from a two week trip to Utah and a bit of Colorado. The GFC worked great and we stayed comfortable and dry even during the periods of rain we had in Colorado. This longer trip brought up some shortfalls as well, mainly wet condition living space. So We’ll continue on with the GFC until we are retired here in a few years and than we are going to get a more four season solution, right now we’re thinking a Four Wheel Camper or something similar for long extended trips up to a month. But that’s a future thought and the GFC did a good job on this jaunt. Here’s some camp pics…

Did a small upgrade to the camper this afternoon. The Southco latches on the GFC work fine but can get a bit finicky when they get dusty or even worse iced over. I’ve not had much problems but I’m pretty good about keeping up with cleaning and lubricating the locks after every trip or if we have been running a bunch of dirt roads here abouts.

To help keep maintenance to a minimum I picked up a complete set of 3D printed latch covers from Blake BZ Shop Designs. The covers are made from TPU material and are pretty flexible. Installation was easy and I like the looks of the end result.

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