Old Town Guide 119

@BushHead Did you lower the seat and what back rest are you using ? How much weight do you put in her? Thanks to you, I smell an Old Town (cool name) in my, and the dog's, not so distant future.
I'm using the plastic seat that comes with a backrest and metal drop brackets stock from some stores. I think Dicks has the plastic seat whereas Cabelas has the wood with nylon-web seats, just depends where you buy it from. I think its rated to carry 450 to 500 pounds... I usually have me, a cooler, and 2 fat dogs.. so I'm pushing 400 in there easy and it handles it well. In fact I would say its my favorite boat atm.. I have a super nice and expensive native ultimate that has a super comfy seat, but it just can't handle the weight and doesn't track or glide nearly as well.
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