When I was a child, I often found myself wishing there was a tool that I could use to create the all of the random things that a child’s mind could conjure up.  One day I would find myself wishing for some LEGO piece that I didn’t have, and on another, I needed one more part for some project I was working on.  Yet, now that I’m an adult this tool that I’ve opined for since my youth exists, and it’s called a 3D printer.  Specifically, it’s called the TAZ 6, made by Loveland Colorado-based LulzBot.  With the TAZ 6, I can create nearly anything that I can dream up, and that capability allows me to solve a world of problems and improve countless experiences for myself and others.  This is the first part in of a series of articles that will teach you how to use a 3D Printer and how to...
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