Maybe not


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I'll be the guy running checkin. I'm a friendly bloke (unless you're a rude entitled jerk). I am also fairly quiet around folks until I get to know them.
As far a as anyone being judgmental, there are always going to be those that are turds. But they are very rare in this crowd.
Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else soon.


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I somehow missed this thread until now. There is plenty of room at the campfire for everyone, hopefully you have decided to join us. I have also found that if you roll out of your sleeping bag half asleep, grab a coffee cup and stager into the desert someone will take pitty and fill your cup and welcome you to the conversation

Tim R.

God willing and the creeks don't rise I'll be there! I'm coming from Yuma, a short drive, if anyone forgets or needs something picked up before I leave town Thur. morning let me know and I'll bring it.
So checking in on you. On the 17th you pulled out of Desert Rendezvous when you posted that the doctor was putting you in the hospital.
How are you feeling and are you home?? Is everything okay??
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